Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our Photos Are In the Mosaic!

Was what my email subject said as I looked at the new mail listings in my inbox. What a surprise, since it was sent to me from the Lonely Planet Team. =)

I have been unwell, as you all kinda know by now, and I recently got really bored just sleeping too much at home, yet not well enough to want to step out of the house and go places, do things. So I've been surfing a lot. I love to do that with travel articles/sites. Then I came to the lonely planet website, and there was a post on a photo competition. All we had to do was load some of our favourite travel pics and stand to win a trip around the world. Okay, why not I thought. So I started to sift through our travel pics, and it was only then that I realised that I like to take MANY pictures, and started to painfully upload them one by one. I had only uploaded I think about 16 when Julien came home. Already 7pm! Time flies when you're really on to something.

That's when he had urged me off the comp to watch his sitcoms or movies, or just to play flight simulator for the next 6 hours before it was time for bed (I cant' remember which one. Sometimes, it's all three.). Ah, the realities of married life. I had a lot more pictures that I wanted to load though, but I relented anyway, and didn't really think much about it after.
Then, I got the email. =)

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