Friday, February 11, 2011

If we were eggs...

Coped a picture from a friend of mine after realising it depicts Julien and I spot on!!! Julien's white and pale as usual even though he's always wanting to be in the sun, and I'm usually a new shade of tan after every 30 mins even though I keep myself away from the sun!!! LOL!!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Funny Bus Incident

Something really funny happened today on the way to work that I just HAVE to share!

I was on the way to work this morning, and as usual I take the bus from my block to the train station. The thing about these buses in the morning, is they like and tend to break very abruptly. When this happens, I'm normally holding on to the rail handle and would be able to stop myself from flying to the end of the bus.

This morning however, I was busy doing some work on my phone and was not really paying attention to my surroundings. So you'd have guessed that when the bus did an emergency break, I literally ran from the back of the bus, to the front where there's a small protruding wall. This would have been great to break my inertia, had there not been a guy there. But he was, and you should've seen his FACE as I was running top speed towards him! He clearly wanted to get out of the way by wanting to back up away from me, but there was that wall behind him and so he kept pushing himself backwards against the wall, yet he wasn't out of the way, and I was running closer by the milli-second. He looked like he literally saw death in the face.

I finally managed to break my fall by slamming my hand against the same wall beside that poor man's head with a loud thud, this obviously left only a couple of inches between this man and myself. At that point, he struggled even more to push himself against the wall waving his arms about with BOTH his eyes closed! He had his mouth wide open, almost like he was screaming only there was no sound. Silent scream??

I couldn't help but literally burst out laughing then, and since I was only inches away from him, spat some of my saliva at him in the process... This made me laugh even harder while I also turned red from embarrassment. At that same moment, I reached my stopped, and the bus door slammed open. So I ran down still laughing only turned around to see that the guy had not moved from his spot and was still staring wide eyed into space, not able to understand yet, what just happened.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pillow Fight.

When we're not around, the cats usually come up to the bed and rest on our pillows. I guess that's ok or common even since they want to be near us and that's where they can smell us. And when it's time for us to go to bed, they'd shift away from our pillows and sleep at our feet in bed.

Panda, however, has recently really taken a liking to my pillow. Even when it's time for bed and I'm starting to doze off already, I'd hear a thud beside me in the middle of the night and I know he's sharing the pillow with me. Sometimes he snores, other times I wake up with a paw in my face. Nice.

I'm ok to let him sleep on my pillow for now, until I get woken up with his butt in my face, then it'd be time I won the "pillow fight".

Presenting Prince Panda on one of his pillows.

Marina Bay Sands

Since it was built, everyone was raving about it ; The Infinity Pool, and more so the view from the top!

Everyone we know has been there, but us. For some reason, we never think about going there just to visit. Perhaps we're just too absorbed with work on weekdays, and on weekends, we keep forgetting to put it down on our to do list. It's always the usual of stocking up on groceries, meeting the same friends, going to the same places and almost doing the same things. Pretty much routine stuff.

So when we were asked if we wanted to watch the opera with one of Julien's colleagues and her husband, a very cute french couple, we said yes. Again we didn't think much of it since we were just going to watch the opera, although it was really close to the Marina Bay Sands (it was in view while we were having our dinner at the Esplanade before the opera). What we didn't expect after the opera, while we were hanging out having a few rounds of drinks, was that a friend of theirs was going to to the this club at the top of Marina Bay Sands to party the night away, and asked if we all wanted to come along! In the end, we did not even have to pay for entrance. And believe me, this club over charges for entrance. Apparently it's like $50 to get in.

We danced the night away to this.....

We are so blessed.


This happened a while ago but I thought it was so funny I should share it with you.

I was kind of just doing my own thing one of the weekends, I think, and then suddenly the house felt too quiet. So I panicked. I looked around for the cats. Found mouse sleeping on my pillow (tough life he has), but I could not find Panda. I searched everywhere. Everywhere. So I went out of the house to look for him. He has a history of jumping out the gate even though we wired it up to about the height of our chest. I have found him sniffing outside once or twice already.

Anyways, when I still could not find him after looking through ALL his favourite spots, I really panicked. What if he jumped out the window? As my thoughts escalated, I saw this.....

Apparently, the little bugger had been soundly asleep on top of the couch, behind the curtain, in the guest room, and hence did not hear me at all.

Obviously wasn't too happy that I woke him up. But who cares. At least I found him. Grin.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Bunny Year!

Yuppers! It's the Chinese New Year again! Where we spring clean our houses, some give their homes a new paint colour or furniture, others do up some minor renovation, all to welcome NEW things for the NEW year.

This is also a time where we stock up on oranges by the cartons, new year cookies, pastries, tarts, chocolates, sweets, and everything else you can think of that might give your dentist a headache after.

What's different for us this year, is that since we're married now, it's our first year giving out the red packets!!! And boy is it a blessing to be able to give!

We've done nothing so far but eat, eat and eat some more. Mainly steamboat (kind of like fondue with clear vegetable/chicken/beef/tomyam soup instead of cheese). And it's been GREAT so far in the food department!

For this Year of the Rabbit, we'd like to wish everyone good health, good succes, good things to come, good times with friends & family, good laughs, for every other woman I know to stay youthful and young, and everything nice!

HUAT AH!!!!!! (To shout out for good fortune.)


Ting and Julien.