Monday, August 16, 2010

1st Wedding Anniversary

What a day!

Julien came up with this really fun idea. He was researching on the Internet on the different years and what gifts you should give your spouse, and for the 1st year, it's paper. Thank goodness, this theme kind of sat well with what I had already planned to do, considering that he told me about this just days before our anniversary.

On a side note, I will not be posting what I got Julien (he's been trying to trick me into telling him but to no avail of course) since I have not given it to him yet. We had actually booked a short trip to Krabi, Thailand (that will be another post altogether), and I thought that should give me more time to prepare. Ok, I'm talking to much already since Julien does read my posts. But not to worry, once it's given, I will definitely do a post on it.

Our 1st Anniversary is really nice. It wasn't extravagant or anything. It's more the simple pleasures in life that I more enjoy. And being able to spend quality time like this with Julien, is priceless. I got a nice big kiss the morning I woke up, and was asked if I wanted my paper gift. I told him no (to his surprise), because his gift is not ready yet. But he insisted on giving it to me anyway. So he handed me my card. I wasn't surprised, I mean.. when you think paper, you think card right away. As I opened the card, something dropped out. At first I thought he had bought me some book marks just to play a prank. But then on closer look, they were two front row seating tickets to a musical at the esplanade! That's the thing about Julien, he plays pranks on me so often that when you least expect it, he does something really nice like this, and it really surprises you in a heart warming pleasant sort of way.

Being Asian, and really shy in situations like this, I was wanting to kind of read the card alone. But then I read the first sentence, and I thought it would be better to read it with Julien, simply because I could not read some of his hand writing. Haha! At some point, he asked if I wanted him to read out what he wrote to me! Hahahaha.. it's nice, but it wouldn't be as fun as if I had read it by myself with his help of course. What a great start to the morning already. We had a really nice lunch at this Japanese restaurant at Dempsey Hill. (Papa Michel and Mummy Liz, please insist that we take you to "Au petit salut" or this Japanese restaurant for lunch when you're in Singapore. ) I'm not sure how they serve Japanese food in France. Of the few restaurants that I've been to so far, they usually serve the typical courses of yakitori, and sashimi. And even the sashimi selection, it is pretty limited. Mainly, tuna, and salmon, and octopus? In Asia, the selection of sashimi is a lot wider and maybe some not even heard of in France i.e. yellow tail, swordfish, squid, lobster, scallops, etc. I might be wrong. Maybe they do serve these in the posh restaurants in France, of which of course, I never ate in. The meal that I had, was a sushi platter that was half grilled. I think in France you can do a half grilled or seared tuna dish? It's the same except with sushi. Slightly cooked on the outside, raw on the inside. Excellent cuisine I tell you. I really enjoyed it. Julien enjoyed his meal too. He hates mushrooms, but this time, he ATE the mushrooms in the chawanmushi that came with his set meal. Looking back now, we should have gone and bought a lotto ticket straight away. But we took a nice slow walk in the botanical gardens instead.

What seared sushi looks like -

On the way to the Botanic Gardens, we walked past this bush, and saw something peeping at us. What a queer looking flower. I name it Bob.

Ah, the simple pleasures in life that we took time to enjoy - Absolute Bliss.

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