Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th on a wild goose chase

My husband has a really good nature. He's got such a good heart.

This account is pertaining to a certain colleague of Julien's of which I would term a spoilt brat.

I think Julien knew how lonely it can get coming to Singapore with no family, no friends, no one basically. And so, when he learnt that this particular colleague was coming to Singapore, for a short stint of 6 months, he really wanted to try to make it easier for her to settle in, since he knew how tough it was for him back then. A very big heart I would say. of which I'm very proud of.

Julien really made an effort to pick this colleague up from the airport, invite her for some of our parites so she could make some friends, and lunch often with her just so she could be able to fit in more comfortably. It wasn't long that she managed to find her own group of friends, even got a boyfriend, and pretty much was able to build something in a pretty short time.

I can't say for everyone, but you would think that this colleague would be a little more appreciative of Julien's gestures. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. My husband's got such a big heart that on the eve of the last day of this collegue (it was time for her to go back to Paris), he decided it would be nice just to meet her up to bid her a proper farewell. But she decided it would be more fun to put us on a wild goose chase.

She told us that she would be at clarke quay with some friends for dinner at the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant. We weren't really wanting seafood, so we told her we would meet her after. Like any other normal average person, if you know that this person's going to be in Clarke Quay, you'd probably hang around the area and have your own dinner there right? That's what we did. Since she told us that she was going to be in Clarke Quay, we decided to have our own dinner there and then meet up after for drinks. After dinner, she told us that she was going with her group of friends to this new pub in Orchard. Apparently, one of her friend's friend had opened it and they just decided to pop by. Starting to be a pain already but what ever. We were too nice, and were okay to travel to Orchard to meet her there. But she really started to piss me off big time when we arrived in Orchard and were walking towards the pub, that she told us she was leaving to go home with her group of friends as they were bored at the pub. What the f**k. We are nice, but don't abuse it.

There's so much to tell from this incident about this person's character. 1. She is not appreciative at all of the fact that we were making an effort to meet her up because we wanted to say a proper farewell and spend some quality time with her on her last night in Singapore. 2. She takes everything for granted, since she's complacent on how Julien really made an effort to help her settle in. 3. She's very unreliable, changing her mind like the wind as and when she likes, not realising how much of an inconvenience she's posing to others. And this happens quite often with this girl. She makes plans and then changes them last minute. 4. She's a spoilt brat. Period. She wasn't really apologetic for taking us on this mindless, time wasting wild good chase, simply from the fact that she had the cheek and audacity to tell us (without even batting an eyelid) that we should have turned up for the farewell bbq that she had organised for herself. So basically she was trying to tell us that we had missed our chance of spending proper time with her before she left. Which brings me to my next point. 5. She's so full of herself there's no room in her heart for any consideration of others.

Having said that, from this incident, I'm also able to learn more about how patient and giving my husband can be, and this truly warms my heart. He was really upset, of which he showed no hesitation to make it known, but as the gentleman that he is, I think he handled it very well. He wished her all the best still.

Of course, I made it clear to her that we had only followed her all the way to the stupid pub because my husband was nice enough to want to bid her farewell personally. And of course, that dripped off her like water on a duck's back. Oh well, who gives. I'm just proud that my husband was a true gentleman right up to the very end.

I'm proud to be a Tardivat.

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