Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Wedding Anniversary Holiday

Krabi, a town located on the west coast of southern Thailand at the mouth of the Krabi River leading into the Andaman Sea. It's like what one of our friends mentioned, Paradise in Paradise. I have to admit, it was raining quite a bit, since it's the monsoon season in the tropics right now, but that didn't stop us from taking some really nice pictures. Having said that, despite the rain, in my heart, the sun was shining. Krabi is amazing.

The Boos:
  1. The rain! It rained at some point or other every other day that we were there. Oh well, so much for saving SGD$100 on the airfare.
  2. Disappointed when we went to one of the waterfalls. We couldn't swim in it! Not like in Langkawi. And there we were adorned in our flashy swimwear only to realise that we didn't want to swim since the water wasn't clear. That made me really regret that we didn't take the longer route (1.5 hr bike ride) to the other waterfall, where the hot springs were as well, along the way. This will remain a mystery to me until we go back again.
  3. It continued to rain on the way back from the waterfalls and we got lost and drenched to the bones. Because of that, Julien almost fell sick (thank God he didn't). Just a light sore throat.
  4. We wanted to check out the monkey trail. Apparently there was this section close to the beach where there were hidden steps leading to a monkey trail kind of trek that we wanted to explore, but couldn't because of the rain.
  5. We didn't really manage to snorkel or swim on the 2nd Island (Chicken Island) that we went to because it started to rain a little and the water was shallow, and littered with rock where the crabs hid, so it wasn't easy wadding out into deeper waters either. Got nipped in the ankle twice by a small crab. Thank God we didn't wade out that far because we realised after that there were many sea urchins.
The Regrets:
  1. Not braving the pelting rain to walk out and have my last bowl of beef ball noodles before leaving, and buying that chicken on a stick to have on the way to the airport.
  2. Not buying that massage we were saying we should do since the 1st day we arrived.
  3. not visiting the hot springs and the other waterfall.
  4. That our vacation had ended.
The Nice:
  1. Great resort. It's absolutely beautiful here.
  2. Great food. Tom yam seafood soup on the 1st day and they served it with white rice in the shape of a heart! Great street food. The barbecued chicken on sticks was delicious! All 4 of them.
  3. It was nice to rent a bike and explore the town. I like to do these things. Did a little trek as well on the way up to see the waterfalls.
  4. Back on food (I almost forgot) - the beef ball noodle soup by the road. So good we kept going back for more!
  5. Everyone's friendly, not just to the tourists, but among the locals as well. We got lost on our bike and the locals were more than happy to help direct us back to our resort. They didn't have to. But they did.
  6. We went Island hopping! Poda Island and then Chicken Island. Spent a good 4 hours at sea! Even if we didn't really snorkel in Chicken Island, the water was clear enough for us to have a great view of the corals below. The boatman was also very obliging and took us further out into deeper waters where we could at least jump in without worrying about the sea urchins piercing our bottoms.
  7. We met two nice Australians in time to sign up for the Island hopping package. It was for a minimum of 4 people, and we didn't know anyone who was wanting to go, so we almost took a really cheap ticket to go just across to one of the nearby Islands to spend a day there. Honestly, I would have been pretty disappointed, I really wanted to Island hop. It would be my first time doing that in the 29 years of my life, and we eventually did!
  8. 4 hours out at sea works up a huge appetite. We bought those nice chicken on sticks on the way back to our resort and were initially intending to take a quick shower so we could sink our teeth into the crisp barbecued surface, right down to the juicy inner meat, then we had a better idea! Prepare a bath and eat in the tub! Two pleasures at once. My 1st time trying this, and I'm hooked.
  9. Night stroll along the beach.
  10. Visit to the night markets. Sights, smells, tastes, colours, you keep soaking it all up.
  11. Ooh Ooh!!!!!! I just remembered. The fried bananas with ice cream. Simply heaven. It's almost like goreng pisang (frittered banana) Singapore style, but with ice cream.
  12. Big Big Breakfasts. Julien always amazed at how much I can eat. And where all that food goes.
  13. Nice swim in the pool overlooking the natural rock formations.
  14. Great Anniversary dinner.
  15. The road side stall we took shelter at when it started to pour. Run by a lady and her mother. Her mother was barbecuing chicken wings and the aroma that filled the place on a rainy day, is another simple pleasure that I enjoy. They did Thai salads as well, but we were too chicken to try. Didn't want to upset our tummies.
  16. The young mother cat we would feed at breakfast and her 3 kittens.
  17. The pandan leaves weaved into the shape of roses that came in our complimentary welcome drink. They are right now on our bookshelf. Our house now smells of nature.
  18. An organised row of identical little houses that I endearingly nicknamed 'smallville', where each house had a different coloured satellite dish. We had passed it briefly on our bike, but that image stuck in my mind. Little dished of reds, yellows, greens, pinks, purple, orange, blues.... cute.
The Funny:
  1. Tiger painting we saw - a white tiger with luminous orange nose and paws. Ridiculous!
  2. The massage lady who would call out to us 'Massage for you, Sir, Madam, manicure, pedicure?' Somehow her pitch rises as she speaks. By the time she got to Manicure and Pedicure, she was hitting the high C octaves.
  3. The shocked, realisation of defeat on Julien's face when I managed to mouth squirt him with water at the pool. Of course, this was my first successful attempt after countless failed ones, which would also explain why he was so shocked, since he wasn't expecting to be successfully attacked.
  4. Then he took his revenge by splashing a huge jet of water right into my eyeball. This officially was the end of our water squirting game. But it's still nice to be able to play like children. It's even more fun to play like children when you're 29!
  5. We were taking a night stroll at the along the beach away from the shore line where the tide comes in, when suddenly a strong tide came in and we had to jump away to avoid getting our feet wet. I was wearing slippers, so I wasn't too bothered. Julien for some reason, loves to wear shoes. Correction. He wears shoes because he cannot walk in slippers. He trips himself when he wears slippers. So as the tide came in, instead of jumping away, he truly believed that he could jump high enough so that he would be able to stay up in the air long enough till the water resided. The look of disappointment on his face as both his feet landed in the water. Priceless.
  6. We looked like those bobbing head figurines with our helmets on. Absolutely stupid. The guy at the bike rental was advising that we put on these helmets. It was 'safer' but more because it was the law and we would be fined if the police caught us without our helmets. What we realised after half a day of riding was, NO ONE wore helmets. Not even the other tourists who rented the bikes. We were the only two buggers who had on the helmets. They were probably having a good laugh as we left. The helmets were slightly bigger than our heads, so it didn't sit very well and it wobbles while we were riding. So we DID look like those bobbing head figurines!
  7. We feed this young mother cat and her kittens during breakfast and one morning, we saw the mother cat walk by our table with the kitten biting on to her tit still. Breast milk rules.
  8. The bike we rented cost us around SGD $6 for a whole day, almost the same price as a bicycle rental in Singapore at east coast for less than half a day.
  9. The only transvestite we saw in Krabi at the beef ball noodles snack shack who couldn't take his eyes off Julien, whom we saw again at one of the night bars dancing like a pro. I personally think it's not easy being a guy, dressing up like a girl, and still being able to dance better than a girl. Too bad he didn't look too much like a girl. Don't think anyone attempted to buy him drinks, but he's really good at the pool table.

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