Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blur Like Sotong

Since I've started French classes, I've been unable to attend on time. We work hard here, so weekends are really precious to us, and hence we also play hard. I didn't want to take night classes on weekdays because I'd be too tired from work to really concentrate. But come the weekend, all I wanna do is let my hair down and party the night away! Which explains why I can never wake up on time too.

Then I tried another approach. To go to the parties with Julien but leave early myself so I can get the sleep I need. That didn't work out either. Once you're there, it's hard to want to leave alone when everyone else if enjoying themselves. Just yesterday, I decided to be a responsible adult and forgo a party. I felt really abandoned when Julien went without me, but hey, it's for a better cause. I need my brain juices when I'm in french classes. The teacher speaks only french to us, which is good. That also means I need to be alert to catch what she's saying.

Woke up this morning feeling really good! For once I will be on time! All the way there, I was imagining the surprise on every one's faces when they walk into class and see me there first! As I made my way to the lift, someone called out to me. Classmate? I arrogantly grinned to myself. Turned out it was the receptionist.

Receptionist: You here for classes?
Me: Yeah! Room 312 (I volunteered).
Receptionist: There are no classes today. It's a one week break.
Me: ........................ !!!!!!!

WHAT??!?! You mean I could've been at that party last night and it wouldn't've mattered??!?!? I was so devastated I decided to share this news with Julien immediately, who came home at 5am this morning? Unfortunately for me, he was so deep in sleep he didn't hear my call. Dang!!! Went home and first thing I did was pick up my phone to call the sleeping Yeti's hp with the sleeping Yeti SLEEPING in plain sight right in front of me. It was an experiment I wanted to conduct to see if a human could actually sleep through a loud noise. This time he actually moved to pick the phone up. So I told him what happened. And he LAUGHED! He wasn't even empathetic towards my plight! Well, at least he's awake now... I hope. Because I definitely cannot go back to sleep after sleeping a good 9 hours. Baaaaaahhh!

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