Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nothing Better Than

Good company over dinner on a Saturday night. We just had another dinner party this time with my sister and cousin. The menu for this evening was something that I tried out just this week and it turned out to be a real success. So I decided to share it with the people that I love too. =)

I really love to cook. It's something that I really enjoy. And I love to cook for Julien too... it's just sometimes, I need recipes that are fast and yet taste like they're from a 5 star hotel. And that's not exactly easy... or so I thought. I remember having this mussel dish when I was in France, and absolutely loved it. I love seafood very much. And so far the only seafood dishes I know to make are linguine vongole & shrimp masala (both are pretty time consuming to prepare) - Not a great idea when you want to feed a hungry yeti after office hours. The worst was this seafood pizza I made starting from flour, eggs and water!

I did some research on Bruschetta, & Mussels Moulinier, and realised that these are the two idiot proof recipes I've ever come across. Perfect for me! Tried it out just this week and ooh la la what a meal we had! Hassle free and prepared within minutes literally! Being passionate about cooking myself, I think I can somewhat understand how the chefs feel when people eat their steaks with ketchup for example. It's just wrong. For me, when a meal prepared is finished to the last shell, I guess it's a success for me.

That gives me inspiration... maybe I should cook Chinese food in Paris this December?? One of my cousin's husband happens to be a chef at the fullerton hotel... and he agreed to teach me how to cook Chinese food the authentic way. Ahh, the start of my journey to becoming a class one house cook. Julien's going to have to really watch his weight. ;P

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jules.poizat said...

Fully agree with you. You should cook chinese food in Paris this December. Please call us when you do that:p