Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Attack of the Bunny

I had many mixed reviews about writing about my once-in-a-lifetime hen party. Some say it wasn't a good idea, since it's on the world wide web, others felt it was fun and I should write about it.

I toggled with the idea for a long time.. and I have decided to document it anyway. 60 years from now, I will be able to look back on all our posts and tell myself that I have lived. So here goes...

My crazy cousin ying, and my even crazier sister min, met me up with all my other bridesmaids who were going to help in the wedding for a get-to-know-you better dinner. Not everyone has met each other, and this was a good occasion to discuss the wedding preparations too. Somewhere in between dinner, they fixed a date - 1st August 2009 it was to be. That was it. Silence from then. I had no idea how it was going to be like who was involved or where we were going.

On the 1st of August, Ying drops me an sms to tell me to come by the Ritz Carlton Hotel anytime from receipt of the sms. Apparently, Julien was also invited, so we both went with Min my sister. I must admit they had planned it well, because when I arrived, loh and behold, my uncle, aunt, and my cousin-in-law was there too. Min didn't seem to be feeling too well that day, so I thought it was going to be a quite family affair - how boring... I know. =P

That was about it for the whole afternoon.. We swam, talked, watched the tele... nothing much really. I was beginning to be convinced that it would be just family.

At about 7pm, the doorbell rang, and one by one, my other bridesmaids arrived all dressed in black. I had prepared a lime green dress that I could wear for a quiet evening or for a last minute party *fingers crossed* which I would find out later was useless. Since August was the month of Singapore's Nantional Day, we had a good view of the fireworks too.

After the fireworks, my uncle, aunt, and Julien got up and left. That was it. They just left! Then after one round of drinks, when everyone else was starting to open up, my cousin Justine passed out a questionnaire that everyone had to answer according to how well they knew me. I was to pick the best answers for the winners. Yihmay had scored the lowest on that questionnaire! 8 out of 40, and proud of it to pose for a picture with her score.

So then after finding out who knew me the most and the least, my band of bridesmaids asked me to go take out a package from the safe. And I found this....

HOLY SCHMOLLY!!! At first I as a little apprehensive, but I changed into the outfit anyway for good fun thinking all this time naively that it was all going to stay within the four walls of our hotel room.

So we continued to muck about a little more....

Then one of my cousins said... "okay, let's go out." Out popped a pair of shoes for me from no where. They had planned this all along!!! So the bunny went out. With her band of sexy followers of course.

It started to get really tough when I was asked to pose in public, since I started to get really conscious of the many pairs of eyes directed in our direction, but I did it anyway! Nothing too difficult for the BUNNY! Did I mention my lovely bridesmaids, made me take the train...?

My first party stop : Howl at the Moon. What's great about this party, was that it was also a fund raiser for the wedding fund, of which my bridesmaids all fully participated!! And when you ask a room full of drunk people for help, you most often than not usually get it. Heh heh...

We had raised quite a bit by the end of the night. I was really impressed at how this was all organised. The table beside us were very nice. Since they knew it was a hen party, they invited us to some drinks of which we accepted... I can't really remember what it was.. but didn't taste very nice.

One very memorable moment for though was that I bumped into another bunny that same night for her hen party! What are the odds! It's uncanny because when Julien had his bachelor's party, he had bumped into a girl wearing a full animal suit like him!

The rest of the night was just too much fun. In short, I felt like VIP!! And none of this would be possible without the support of family and great friends!!

As you can already guess.... this was how my evening ended..I won't go into the details. It was truly the first time I got this wasted. I usually just feel sick when I take alcohol.. never drunk because I stop drinking the moment I feel sick. So I never understood it when Julien told me his experience. That evening, I had double vision, I tried to walk but couldn't really with the help of my sister and friends.. but I knew what was going on around me still. It was the weirdest experience in my life. I got drunk.

But it was a whopping good time!!!!

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