Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ronald's Birthday Boy!

The Yeti's birthday just passed this week, and since the start of September I had asked him if he preferred to to celebrate it on the actual day (Wednesday) or the weekend before or after. He had picked the weekend after his actual birthday. But I think he forgot. Fine with me because it's better to plan a surprise party.

I knew I wanted a party for the Yeti, but I didn't know where to start. I didn't know where I should hold it, I didn't know what to do during the party, etc. I was kinda clueless, and my dateline was getting closer. Thank goodness for friends with God given talent for creativity. Yihmay, my friend dropped me an idea of a Macdonald's party.

I'll be honest and tell you that it's been years since I last attended a Macdonal's birthday party, not to mention I was 7 or 8 then. So I didn't know how much it has changed or how the Yeti would like it over all. So I picked up the phone and called Macdonald's. Apparently there was a list of participating restaurants that host these parties. What I didn't know was that it was still as popular among the kids as it was back in the good old days.

I tried a total of about 4 outlets all of which were fully booked for the weekend for birthday parties. Then at my last resort. I called the outlet at King Albert Park. There was an 11am slot available, but it was the only slot left. The others were all fully booked as well. I grabbed my only opportunity at making this happen. So I enquired enough to know that there had to be 12 attendees to make this party happen. The party usually lasts an hour and a half, and everything is provided for right down to the door gifts. Sounds perfect. I was about to hang up after confirming. When the lady at the other end asks:

Lady: So I will be confirming your booking for a minimum of 12 children?
Me: Yes please confirm a minimum of 12. It will be a party of adults.
Lady: Oh!!!!!! I see.......... Well would you like a Ronald Macdonald chocolate cake for the birthday boy then?
Me: There is a Ronald Macdonald chocolate cake?!!!
Lady: Yes, with his face on it.

How could I say no?!!

The party was Great and we have even better pictures by our friend Jimme to prove it!

So I'll let the pictures tell their own story:

The Birthday King arrives at his own gala birthday and is led to his throne where his Ronald chocolate cake awaits (It was really good by the way).

The reporters immediately spots the new look for next season: Bright orange balloon accessory and a rainbow headband as the next big fashion wave!

His Majesty's royal subjects of course bow in reverence to him as they sing him his birthday song (All Hail King Julien!!!). The King was very pleased with the generous attention lavished on him.

As the King was really popular with the people of his country, it was not surprising that there were always as many young men who dream to be king one day, as there were paparazzi.

That normally did not sit in very well with the King. He dislikes competition for his throne and most definitely unnecessary media attention.

Not known to the people, the King had plans for himself on this special day. As he was not getting any younger, he decided that day that he was going to select for himself a Queen. He started to map out a plan during the royal feast... but ended up digressing....

So he engaged the help of his royal mac-messenger to make an announcement during the feast of his search for a Queen via a competition.

But first the fairest ladies of the land would be selected to take part in this competition. The competition was tough as the ladies did all they could to get the attention of the King.

Some tried too hard to be sweet...

Others pretended to be aloof...

Some wanted to display their talents....

Some just wanted to stand out...

One even wanted to beef up so she could beat her competition.

But unbeknown to them, the King had his eye on one, and he really wanted her to win this competition.

He finally managed to persuade her to win the competition for him so he could give her a never ending supply of happy meals all the days of her life.

The gruelling competition the girls had to go through was one that tested not just their beauty but their brains. They had to strategize and predict their opponent's moves in the game of musical chairs to win the crown and the love of their King.

Most of the girls were happy to have participated and made new friends through this competition.

But there were also others who were disappointed not to have won....

together with their disappointed fans...

The generous King was very happy that day and decided to give out consolation prizes to all participants that day.

One special award went to Miss Best Effort.

The new queen of course was allotted the best seat at the party!!!

The King was so happy with his birthday party and his new found queen that he shared his cake with the kingdom and even did a short performance while the people ate.

There was the balancing act...

And of course the magic show performed by none other than His Majesty. The people cheered!

Out popped His Majesty's new stead.

Another new year, another new party, and many more to come. Until indigestion occurs.

Oh, just in case you are wondering, don't worry about the other contestant who lost. She finally found her true love at the party. And she lived happily ever after.

Of course, the story didn't go that way. Truth was, it was a surprise party for Julien of which he found out in the end because it was raining very badly on that day and almost everyone was late, when they should have been seated before Julien arrives to surprise him. The host of the party really treated us like a bunch of kids of which at one point we lined up as a choo-choo train and choo-chooed all the way to the toilet to wash our hands while people stared on. I won the musical chairs by sheer luck, and I acquired an additional big mac magnet for being musical chair champion. Our happy meal was okay but the portions were too tiny for adults and many left hungry still. The cake was very good still. We were eventually shoo-ed out of the party hall because the other party band had arrived, as we had all been 30mins late for our own party.

BUT, it was still fun to be a kid again!


ricou said...

OK OK ! That's what you're talking about !
The false trail was Excellent anyway !
I really get my kick out of it
Kisses and see you in december 26
ricou et zazou

The Yeti said...

This was a great day for me... and my subjects.
I have to thank my Queen for the effort and for keeping it a surprise this time!

Chew said...

so gutted i missed the event of 2009!!!