Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brand New Everything

Wow I cannot believe it - I am Mrs. Tardivat now! Many of my friends call me T.T.T.T. for short now. It stands for Theresa Ting Ting Tardivat. 4Ts in my name, and I'm proud to wear it!

Just back from a great 2 week trip in Vietnam with friends and of course my new husband. This year's been really great so far! I look back at the course of events and I smile to myself thinking 'Ahhh.. this is life!!!'

So many exciting things have happened for us! From the time we decided to take on a new level in our relationship, to the big move to Singapore, to the proposal, to the bachelor and hen parties, to the great wedding with friends and family, to the smashing after wedding party, and then the pre honeymoon trip to Vietnam with friends! Next stop, Paris in December for Christmas, & New Year's, and then Korea in Jan!!! There are so many things to look forward to! I feel overwhelmingly blessed!

We'll post up our wedding pics once we get them. Stay Tuned....



micheltdt said...

Hello !!! Glad to hear you came back home safely after your trip through Vietnam. Here in France we are back to routine, Liz and Matthieu at work. We are impatient to see all wedding pictures !!! Take courage for going back to work. Love from dad Michel.

Liz and Michel said...

Good evening from France. It was a pleasure talking with both of you today through the webcam. Please send the link to the short video. Have a good week! Love from Liz and me.