Monday, August 17, 2009

After the D day!


That's it done. We both said the big YES (or I do, I can't remember I was too nervous). I'm so happy to have such a wonderful wife.

We're now going to have to wait for the final pictures, but here are some of the morning events and the pictures we took in Little India and Arab Street before the church ceremony.

All photos by Anthony.


Mary said...

Thank you, more than on Facebook if smaller! Can't wait for la suite!
Congratulations to you both, have fun and if you do as well as I did, you will!

Hope to see you soon,
lots of love Mary xxxxx

Alice said...

These pictures are just great! You look wonderful!
It's just too bad I missed this event...
I wish you all the best and guess that your life can only be magnifique et heureuse after such a start.
Je vous embrasse. A bientôt.