Monday, April 15, 2013

Black Pepper Crab

Woke up early on sunday and decided to visit the wet market just opposite from our flat where you get the freshest produce as compared to any supermarket. As usual I went a little crazy. After having bought a loadful of fresh fish, we walked past a spice shop as we were about to leave and they sold freshly made black pepper crab paste. I bought a container thinking I could try it out with different meats apart from crab. on our way out of the wet market, I bumped into the friendly fish monger whom I bought our fish from, and decided to ask if he knew anyone who sold crab in this market. Sure enough he did! He walked us to the stall, and told his friend to give us the better graded crab and even to give us a good discount. How lovely!

And so we headed home with fresh live crab! It was our first time doing this, and we didn't really know how to prepare crab for cooking. We also didn't really want to cut them up while they were still alive. So we fired up you tube and found a great video on a more humane way of putting them to sleep - pop them in the freezer for 30-45 minutes. Boiling a crab live, stresses the crab and it tends to tense up it's muscles making the meat tough after. Hey! Something new we learn everyday!

After much struggling, we managed to clean, prepare, and cut up the crab before making our dish. No pictures since it was too messy and I couldn't get hold of a camera.

Final result was good though. Bon Appetit!

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