Monday, April 15, 2013

The missing months of Jan & Feb 2013

Since I realised my Gynea (and Julien) was not going to give me the green light in travelling probably in my last trimester, I packed my second trimester - mainly the months of Jan to March with a trip each month. This was the only period I was allowed to travel, and I definitely wasn't about to shortchange myself.

We went to Penang with my parents in January to celebrate his birthday. We didn't take much pictures of the trip somehow. One commonality between all the trips though was that I needed to be close to nature. So there had to be a part of the trip or all of it where we were close to the sea. Too much city life makes me miss the ocean. Penang was just a short 3 days where we spent most of it by the beach. We didn't go to the heart of town but were more at the outskirts of Penang closer to the ocean. Perfect for Julien and I. For my parents, it was more a food expedition trip for them which was fun too, since there was a huge vareity of choices of night markets where our hotel was located.

February in France was COLD! This is probably the first time I wasn't able to adapt as quickly to the weather changes. The hormones maybe? Hehe. We took some time to travel to Sables D'olonne to visit some friends from Singapore who had moved back to the region for the time being. I really missed them and their 3 kids. We used to hang out at their place pretty often on weekends while they were in Singapore. They really are an inspiration to me. A very positive couple who believe anything is possible, and nothing is more important than family. What a great value to pass on to the next generation. 3 kids? No problem! (just kidding).

Sables D'olonne was quiet at this time of the year, but I appreciated the time alone. Was great going to the port to look at the boats that were in that Sailing competition. I can't remember the name of that race at this point.
What's wonderful was that our friends helped us find accomodation for the few days we were there. (Many thanks to you both!). Look how close we were to the sea! I miss them a lot. Their kids are great! They LOVE ton ton Julien. Which kid doesn't?! He's like Santa to them.

Hospitality is always great each time we're back. I went through a phase where I had a crazy craving for chilli. And I do mean crazy. Like I had to have chilli ALL the time. Sometimes even in the wee hours of the night. Our friends made us curry while we were in Sable D'olonne. And so did my MIL. =) mummy Liz's curry was so good, I had three helpings. Rare for me, even in Singapore because curry is quite a heavy dish.

Looking forward to being back in December (perhaps?) with the little one! Soon soon!

Ting & Julien.

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