Monday, April 15, 2013

Playing catch

Wow, April already! I seem to be playing catch each time, with time. How ironic. I tend to forget we have a blog. FB did a really good job marketing wise or conditioning rather. My first instinct would be to update a page there than in here. Does that make me one of those crazy ppl who post every moment of their lives? Hmm I guess so. Ha! Well all that's probably going to change once our daughter is out. Julien doesn't want me posting any pictures of our baby girl on Fb. I can understand why. Although for me,I'm so excited I can't wait to show her to the world!

Anyway, since I am playing catch, there are a few interesting things that happened, although repetitive if you're on our FB. Then again, FB does not have the space for luxurious story telling like in here. I should write more. Not everyone's on our FB. Plus it's not as personal as narrating a picture.

Just earlier this year, I have started a scrapbook for our daughter. I was overwhelmingly happy after one of the Gynae visits that I felt like I wanted to write down my thoughts to her. So I went straight to a paper shop and bought a nice scrapbook of which I have been updating since - journaling Momentous events I thought she may find interesting when she's older, of our lives while she was in my tummy. Memories like these on daily life, or little routine gestures of care and love get forgotten too easily. Unfortunately, unlike a blog post where I can simply upload pictures from my phone, I will need to print them out. And that's something I have been procrastinating. I haven't been able to find a photo store that prints them in small sizes for cheap. Apparently smaller sizes fall under custom printing and that's a lot more expensive. Maybe I'll give that book to her on her 16th or 18th birthday? We'll see..

Just one to start to say hello again and n that we're both alive and good. :) oh! And we're excited about being parents in 2.5 months or less. Well, excited, happy, nervous and apprehensive to be more honest. I'm sure it'll be fine. Fingers crossed!

Ting & Julien

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