Monday, April 15, 2013

Chip & Dale

April so far has been fun, fun, fun!

I can't remember where I saw the advertisement first but it was for an event titled "The Ultimate Ladies' Night Out - Bad Boys Australia". This was accompanied by a marketing picture of a row of men with muscular topless bodies. And I thought, hey why not. Called my sister and my cousin, and we were set for our ultimate ladies' night out. What was absurd about this was, we were going for a 'strip' show with a mother of two on maternity leave (she just gave birth), an almost popping pregnant lady, and one that just got married who thinks she has the best at home. But who cares. We went anyway - we were all eager to get out of our daily routine. And boy did we have the VIP treatment, compliments of the preggers.

We did not have to queue at all even though we arrived a little late. We were also escorted up by a bouncer to the event location, and were given a VIP table just beside the stage without having to pay any of these VIP prices. The only condition I had to fulfill, was that I was not allowed to order any alcohol. These were management orders, I swear. They even allocated a guy on duty beside our table so we could tell him whatever we needed, and he could get our drinks for us, etc. Is this awesome or what?! We were squealing even before the show started.

And even better when the show started. My sister, was the loudest standing just in front of the stage giving occasional wolf whistles to the boys as they lost their layers. haha! Apparently, in other countries apart from here where they perform, they end up only in their Gs. Unfortunately due to "regulations" here, they ended up in tight short boxers. Boo! My cousin, on the other hand, got called up the stage twice where the bad boys danced about her and shook their booty! It was hilarious. I laughed so hard I almost started labour. And as the finale, one of the bad boys did a knee skid on stage towards our table, and gave my sister a kiss on the cheek as the show ended with blinding lights and a big bang of confetti. I seriously could not stop laughing. We were having a ball of a time!

The great service didn't stop right there. We stayed a while longer to club a little, before telling the bouncer that we were off. Again, we were escorted out with us having the right of way. He cleared the crowds so we could go through. Reeling from the adrenaline, we didn't want to go our seperate ways just yet, and decided to have coffee. Who knew we were going to end up staying out chatting till 3am!

My darling husband, had told me earlier that day not to bother coming home early because he was going to be out later than I am. I decided to call him just to tell him I will be a while longer where ever he was, only to realise he was already home. What cracked me up was how he pretended to be at a club, putting the music up and all while in the house. Ah, my darling yeti.

I can't include pictures of the show as it was not allowed but Girls' Night out was fun. I'd do it again soon.

Very satisfied customers indeed!

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