Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Marina Bay Sands

Since it was built, everyone was raving about it ; The Infinity Pool, and more so the view from the top!

Everyone we know has been there, but us. For some reason, we never think about going there just to visit. Perhaps we're just too absorbed with work on weekdays, and on weekends, we keep forgetting to put it down on our to do list. It's always the usual of stocking up on groceries, meeting the same friends, going to the same places and almost doing the same things. Pretty much routine stuff.

So when we were asked if we wanted to watch the opera with one of Julien's colleagues and her husband, a very cute french couple, we said yes. Again we didn't think much of it since we were just going to watch the opera, although it was really close to the Marina Bay Sands (it was in view while we were having our dinner at the Esplanade before the opera). What we didn't expect after the opera, while we were hanging out having a few rounds of drinks, was that a friend of theirs was going to to the this club at the top of Marina Bay Sands to party the night away, and asked if we all wanted to come along! In the end, we did not even have to pay for entrance. And believe me, this club over charges for entrance. Apparently it's like $50 to get in.

We danced the night away to this.....

We are so blessed.

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