Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Bunny Year!

Yuppers! It's the Chinese New Year again! Where we spring clean our houses, some give their homes a new paint colour or furniture, others do up some minor renovation, all to welcome NEW things for the NEW year.

This is also a time where we stock up on oranges by the cartons, new year cookies, pastries, tarts, chocolates, sweets, and everything else you can think of that might give your dentist a headache after.

What's different for us this year, is that since we're married now, it's our first year giving out the red packets!!! And boy is it a blessing to be able to give!

We've done nothing so far but eat, eat and eat some more. Mainly steamboat (kind of like fondue with clear vegetable/chicken/beef/tomyam soup instead of cheese). And it's been GREAT so far in the food department!

For this Year of the Rabbit, we'd like to wish everyone good health, good succes, good things to come, good times with friends & family, good laughs, for every other woman I know to stay youthful and young, and everything nice!

HUAT AH!!!!!! (To shout out for good fortune.)


Ting and Julien.

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