Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This happened a while ago but I thought it was so funny I should share it with you.

I was kind of just doing my own thing one of the weekends, I think, and then suddenly the house felt too quiet. So I panicked. I looked around for the cats. Found mouse sleeping on my pillow (tough life he has), but I could not find Panda. I searched everywhere. Everywhere. So I went out of the house to look for him. He has a history of jumping out the gate even though we wired it up to about the height of our chest. I have found him sniffing outside once or twice already.

Anyways, when I still could not find him after looking through ALL his favourite spots, I really panicked. What if he jumped out the window? As my thoughts escalated, I saw this.....

Apparently, the little bugger had been soundly asleep on top of the couch, behind the curtain, in the guest room, and hence did not hear me at all.

Obviously wasn't too happy that I woke him up. But who cares. At least I found him. Grin.

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