Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Funny Bus Incident

Something really funny happened today on the way to work that I just HAVE to share!

I was on the way to work this morning, and as usual I take the bus from my block to the train station. The thing about these buses in the morning, is they like and tend to break very abruptly. When this happens, I'm normally holding on to the rail handle and would be able to stop myself from flying to the end of the bus.

This morning however, I was busy doing some work on my phone and was not really paying attention to my surroundings. So you'd have guessed that when the bus did an emergency break, I literally ran from the back of the bus, to the front where there's a small protruding wall. This would have been great to break my inertia, had there not been a guy there. But he was, and you should've seen his FACE as I was running top speed towards him! He clearly wanted to get out of the way by wanting to back up away from me, but there was that wall behind him and so he kept pushing himself backwards against the wall, yet he wasn't out of the way, and I was running closer by the milli-second. He looked like he literally saw death in the face.

I finally managed to break my fall by slamming my hand against the same wall beside that poor man's head with a loud thud, this obviously left only a couple of inches between this man and myself. At that point, he struggled even more to push himself against the wall waving his arms about with BOTH his eyes closed! He had his mouth wide open, almost like he was screaming only there was no sound. Silent scream??

I couldn't help but literally burst out laughing then, and since I was only inches away from him, spat some of my saliva at him in the process... This made me laugh even harder while I also turned red from embarrassment. At that same moment, I reached my stopped, and the bus door slammed open. So I ran down still laughing only turned around to see that the guy had not moved from his spot and was still staring wide eyed into space, not able to understand yet, what just happened.


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