Monday, May 2, 2011

Nosey Parker.

I detest opinionated nosey parkers. They don't really care what goes on in your life, they're not genuinely concerned about you. All they really want to do is poke their nose into your business just so they satisfy their own curiosity and maybe have some topic to gossip about after.

L is somewhat like that, and honestly she is starting to really get under my skin. And it's also one of the many reasons why I've stopped sharing or to really want to even converse with her because I really think it's none of her business, what I do with my life and the decisions I take for my family.

For example, as you probably know by now, we're moving again, and quite soon too, so Julien and I are trying our best to sort out issues with the movers, and it doesn't help that our intended moving date 7 May 2011 happens to fall on election day. Which means we have to postpone the moving. 7 May 2011 falls on a Saturday, which would have been ideal for us, if voting wasn't compulsory, and the movers are closed on that day. It also does not make sense to move on the 7th since Julien will be arriving from Paris on that day itself. Anyways, Sunday could've been the next best option, but the movers charge double, and so we decided to take the day off on Monday just to organise the moving.

L has no idea about the organisation or what really happened, or how we had intended for the 7th initially before it was announced that same day to be election day. Still, that doesn't stop her from sharing her dim witted comments and opinions with me. First she tells me that if we really tried, there are movers who may still be open for business on election day itself. Yes madame, there might be some. So do you know any? If you do, why not just forward me the contacts instead? Also, since it is election day and effectively a public holiday, the movers may charge double rate just like Sunday. I don't think that was taken into consideration before you ignorantly gave me your opinions, did you? Guess not.

So thank you for your kind "concern", but go poke your nose and paddle your gossip/"updates" somewhere else. Frankly, I'm not interested in your current affairs.

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