Monday, May 2, 2011

The Funniest Sales Person I Know

I just bought my virgin pair of Ray Bans from Paris Miki and met the funniest sales person (who is not commissioned based), with the best service. He's funny (to me) not because he's humorous or witty, but more because he says the most blatantly honest things with a really straight face. He looks more like someone who's been photographed and framed as scientist of the year, than a paris miki representative for sunglasses.

To begin with, I had tried on the sunglasses with my hair tied up in a loose bun at first and was trying to see if the proportions of the glasses fit the frame of my face. This guy, just leans over and whispers to me ' it's a bit big on your face' - and shattered my initial thought to purchase this pair that I've been thinking over for about 2 weeks now. Naturally, I asked why, and this started my whole journey of sunglass 101 education programme for about an hour and a half with this guy.

He excused himself and came back with two other different sunglasses (both in shocking pink), and asked me to try them both on, explaining to me the respective shapes and how it makes a difference on my face. In short, he felt that the shocking pink dior sunglasses with a huge chuncky zipper design at the sides looked 'elegant' on me as compared to the ray bans that looked 'very casual'. All this said while keeping the best poker face I've come across. I was trying so hard not to laugh. He even offered to put on the ray bans sunglasses on his own face so I could see how opague the lenses were and how they looked generally, explaining to me about the different ray ban designs in the past years and shapes of the rims.

I really really liked that pair I had eventually purchased, but was starting to hesitate on buying it initially just because he said it looked a bit big on my face. I mean, this is going to cost me like SGD200 ++ so I was choosing to be careful with my purchase. I kept putting them on, and taking them off, looking at myself at the left and then the right, just to see if I looked okay in them. Then I got frustrated and let my bun loose so my hair fell around my shoulders and around my face. He was talking to me all this while, doing his duty in Raybans 101, but he immediately stopped and went 'Ah!!! You look different with the glasses when you let down your hair!!!' All this with that same poker face. Then without me having to ask why this time, he went on to explain about the proportions of having my hair tied up, and having my hair down which covered slightly the sides of the frames so it looks proportionate on my face. Too complicated. All I knew was, I like the way it looks. So I decided to purchase it. I thought it was over. I was wrong.

He sat me down and educated me for another 30mins on how to clean and maintain my glasses. Intermittently he would link his guidelines with examples of his life experiences. For example, I should always wipe and clean my glasses. This is when he whips out his own iphone to tell me show me how good it's condition is even though he has no cover for it. And this is the result of 'wiping it with a clean cloth regularly'. I should also take note of where I go with my sunglasses. If it's to the beach in Singapore, the water's not that salty and hence I should just rinse it and clean it with a dry cloth right away. But if I'm in places like Australia, where the sea water is a lot saltier, then I should regularly rinse it often and wipe dry immediately. He adds. This pair should be able to last me a long time if I maintain it well. It's not like some other sunglasses, like the tag heur ones with the rubber sides marketed as rubber from the 'F1 tyres' which are still recycled materials at the end of the day (in his opinion) that would melt and end up being quite a hassle and costing quite a bit just to maintain in the future. All this said, while showing me how to wipe my sunglasses correctly.

At the end of my lesson, I was a pro with sunglasses now, and was even given an instruction manual on how to wipe my sunglasses 'just in case I forgot'. He even tipped me that at any one point in time, I could come back to any Paris Miki branch, locally or overseas, and present my receipt and they would wash my glasses free of charge for me as their value added service. But what if I lost my receipt I asked. Then I should make a photocopy of it and keep it. But if I don't take it out with me, which I most likely would not, he also gave me a company card with the specifications and model number and purchase reference number written on it. And if I lost that card, then I can just bring along this sunglass cloth that I would most likely carry with my sunglass case, and produce it at the shops as proof that I had bought it here and they'd still be able to wash my glasses for me. And if this sunglass cloth is subject to wear and tear over time and the company name printed on it has faded, then I can use the other back up cloth he had provided for me. And if all else fails, I can call him (he gave me his name card). Awesome! He actually thought of every other possible thing that could happen and provided me for it!!! LOL! Very specific but very cute at the same time.

And then just as I am about to pay for it, he tells me that I'm lucky because usually he's inside handling the optical lenses and is hardly outside. Today just happens to be one of those days where he has some free time. LOL! Last but not least just before I stepped out of the shop, 'Thank you for shopping at Paris Miki, if you have any complaints please feel free to write in to us. We are unlike other big companies - I won't mention who but I'm sure we all know - who are not open to feedback. We generally welcome feedback and so feel free to let us know if there are any areas of improvements." - This guy totally made my day!!!! I left with a HUGE grin on my face. He's literally seriously funny! It's great he takes his job seriously. I like that!

So anyways, I bought this pair in tortoise shell colour.

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