Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When Four Friends Get Together

It all started with an arrangement for dinner together. Julien, well being Julien, decided he should have his hair done like that for the rest of the meal.

This gave Jimme and Yihmay inspiration for a funny face. Then Yihmay asked me to give it a go.

So I did.

Suddenly everyone else wanted to try.

Then Jimme recommended a photo taking method with flash that captures fast moving objects at an instant. He showed us how it was done by vibrating his lips.

His picture turned out so well that we all decided to give it a go.

Then we decided to have a competition. On who can do the funniest face. We did this by capturing our profiles while shaking our heads really fast from left to right.

Yihmay: Not Funny

Me: Trying Too Hard

Jimme: Getting there

But guess who won hands down??!!!

JULIEN: WINNER !!!!!!!!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

HAHAHHAHAHHAH!!!! Thats friends are for!!!