Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Prawning Feast Fest!

I’ve heard of the term, ‘prawning’ lots of times. In fact, my sister has done it many times herself. It ‘destresses’ her, she says. So we arranged to do it last weekend. It was quite a big group of 6 adults and one child. Jasmine, Ken and Marcus their son; Justine, Jasmine’s sister (our wedding MC), Min and Andy, Julien and I.

I have never fished in my life before, so when they gave us this pot of live worms, I didn’t know what to do with it. Min, being the prawning veteran that she is already, tore up the worms into little pieces with her bare hands. EEEEEEEW! I couldn’t. I just get too squirmy.

So anyway, we paid $26 for 2 hours, and caught a total of 48 shrimps! They’re huge ones too. Apparently they’re not like fish where they just bite into the bait. The prawns first hold on to the bait and then swim around a little to a place they feel is safe, before they bite into the bait. So we let them take the bait and follow them around as they swim and wait for the bite before we pull them up.

I had a lot of fun overall. What did we do with the shrimps?

We went to the hawker nearby, ordered claypot noodles with shrimp, rice noodles with shrimp, and steamed garlic shrimp, but gave him our bag of prawns. What a feast!!! Your own catch always tastes better.

Very satisfying indeed.

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