Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Idiosyncrasies, we all have them. Even cats I realised.

Panda has this odd love for my facial cotton tissue bag. I don't know why. It's like his favourite play thing at the moment. I disapprove of course, since it's used to wipe my face, and it ain't nice wiping your face with cotton that's been dragged all over the floor smelling of cat drool. He knows it the little sneak! First time, I let him at it, and he really went all out on that poor little bag.

Second time he knew I was watching, so he took a different route/approach to sneak himself to get to the bag. I have videos of this but I can't seem to load them up.

Third time I caught him, and that was it. This time he had taken the route BEHIND the curtains where he thought I wouldn't see him. He was so busted. Tattered but still salvageable this facial tissue bag goes into the drawer where his little paws can't get to. I'd have to be careful though. They KNOW how to open drawers when you don't close them proper. I found mouse one morning sleeping his head off in one of our drawers. Apparently, either Julien or I had taken something out of it the night before and forgot to fully close it so there was a tiny gap. Mouse had conveniently opened the drawer, and climbed in for a snooze.

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