Friday, July 16, 2010

The unexpected post

Why unexpected?
I was thinking of writing about our almost extra night in Paris because of Air France's policy of overbooking their flights. But then something turned up and I though maybe I should lie in electronic ink some other thoughts. If I'm bragging along no one is obliging you to read.

What's on my mind, as Facebook would say: fights, wars, battles, arguments, different point of views etc.
I seem to never be able to stay mad at someone for very long. At first I'm like "I'll never forgive whoever for whatever, and I WILL stick to my anger". Then I realise that it's not bringing much to the debate, and most of all it's not making me happier to be mad. Not to mention the other party, who is either completely oblivious, making my resentment useless, or depressed, making my grudge cruel.
I sincerely don't remember anyone I'm still angry at today for what ever situation. I don't even remember being mad at anyone for more than a day (but most likely never more than a few hours).
Maybe when reading this you think I'm soft, or too nice... Maybe.
The best of all this, is that I'm happier than if I were mad. Having negative thoughts, nursing an old story, penning it down to make sure it's never forgotten... Nah, not for me.
When a friend tells me he (usually she) is so angry at someone, I always feel the reason is trivial and not worth keeping in mind. Peace, but mostly love, are a lot more important.
Now, don't get me wrong, there are unforgivable things. And I have never spoken to someone again for some action but my anger or annoyance subsidised some weeks before the bridge was blown up.

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