Sunday, July 18, 2010

And the Oscar Nominees Are...

It's about 5am Singapore time, and I'm standing in my bedroom, watching my husband drenched under the shower with his watch, underpants, and shorts with belt still on. Obviously wasted -the result of a very dramatic night that I sadistically thoroughly enjoyed. Let's rewind a little.

It's Yihmay's birthday today and Jimme, her boyfriend, had decided he wanted to plan a very nice surprise for her on this special day. He had bought a nice huge tent and was planning to do a camp out with just her for the night. But he also decided that the day should be spent with some of her friends, and so he invited a bunch of us over to east coast for some dinner and obviously to cut the birthday cake. Everything was nice and dandy, till we decided to join in this other party that was concurrently held by another group of people which they also knew.

The first up in running for a shot at the Oscars was this girl at the party, who made a huge scene because, get this, her boyfriend went to have a bite with another bloke without her. She made such a racket you'd think at first that he had cheated on her or something, but no. He was just hungry and decided to eat, but forgot to ask if her Highness wanted to come along too. Okay, at this point, I need to clarify and justify this. She ain't Singaporean. Her night ended real awkward. Boyfriend tries to talk to her, she doesn't want to listen and continues to scream, boyfriend starts to leave without her, she runs towards him with a drink and attempts to throw the remains of the contents of her cup at him, boyfriend ducks and walks off into the night, she's stranded alone at the party and no one wants to talk to a psycho. I think they're more afraid that she might go crazy and pour her drinks or chips, or whatever she can get her hands on in their face. It was just a pity that no one brought pop corn.

So the evening progresses, both Jimme and Julien had both had two bottles of wine by themselves each and were starting to get pretty wasted already. Yihmay, who's starting to get really tired at this point, tells Jimme that maybe they should retire for the night. Fair enough since she just spent the past couple of hours at a party with people who don't really care if it's her birthday or not, when she could have had some quality time with just Jimme. Jimme agrees and staggers off into the direction of their tent. Some others start to leave too. But Julien and a couple others decide they haven't got wasted enough and disappear to buy more booze. They finish their booze and start to get bored. So Julien decides, why not walk over to Jimme & Yihmay's tent and find out what they're doing?

We reach their tent and thankfully they're just talking still. They boys invite Jimme for another drink of which he can't refuse, and so the boys end up talking by the beach while yihmay and I sit and chat in the tent. Next finalist for the Oscar goes to....

Julien pops his head in, all soaked and dripping with stinky sea water, asking me to hold on to his wallet and iPhone. Which also happen to be soaked through. So obviously his iPhone is now dead. What happened? They were peeing in the sea, when Julien thought it'll be real funny to push Jimme in, which he did. Obviously Jimme takes revenge and they both end up soaked. The other two guys were sober enough to get out of the way, and just sit on the beach watching them two wrestle one another in the sea, and kill all their high tech gadgets with sea water. This continues in this manner, as Yihmay's getting angrier and angrier by the minute.

At some point in the night, or wee hours in the morning by this time, them two blokes decide that they should try to dry off their clothes and look for a shower to rinse off the sea water. So they scoot off in only their underpants. Unfortunately, they could not find any, and Julien ends up wearing one of Yihmay's T-shirts, which also happens to be her birthday present (I've got pictures!!!). Classy.

The night ends with two very drunk blokes soaked to their socks, Julien telling Jimme how he doesn't mind that his iphone's now dead (I'd like to see him say that again in a couple of hours when he wakes up), and a very unhappy birthday girl. I would be too if I were wanting a quiet night out at the beach with my boyfriend only to have it crashed by 4 other people.

I've heard many times how Asians are deemed to not be open minded enough to accept certain things, but I'm not sure if in this situation, it is a question of how open minded one can be. I guess this will probably go down in my books as one legen... wait for it... dary night. Probably not as well as what the birthday girl was expecting, but still legendary none the less.

I'm sure we'll all laugh over this one day, but for now, I'm not so sure Jimme's going to get much proper sleep tonight in his tent not showered still while yihmay's probably grinding her teeth, trying very hard to hold back biting his head off. Julien on the other hand's already snoring his head off in bed, most likely oblivious that yihmay's night with jimme's ruined, but none the less happy to have got wasted.

All in the day of our lives.

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The Yeti said...

What the story doesn't say is taht although I was very anoyed at loosing my iPhone, I did not complain (too much) the next morning...
I got a new one already anyways!