Friday, July 16, 2010

The almost extra night in Paris

As promised here is the tale of, let's call them Chikita and Chikito.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (from Singapore) where smoking is a national sport, and drinking wine almost compulsory there was Chikita and Chikito visiting some family and friends for a couple of weeks.
Chikita and Chikito enjoyed themselves very much during their stay. First in the Castle of a town called Asnières, then in a mill in a town called Troyes, and finally in a huge mansion (bigger than the castle) in a town called Tours. They were surrounded by loved ones almost at all times, and were very pleased to share all this time in this land far far away. Listening to stories, and recounting some back. Enjoying delightful food that they sometimes cooked for their friends (Chikita is an excellent cook), and even swimming in the blue lagoon by the mansion mentioned above. The detail of their trip will likely be the occasion of an other tale with pictures and all.

When the time was come to leave this land far far away, Chikita and Chikito went to the harbour of the giant birds. Yes this land was so far away that they had to fly on a giant bird's back to pass above the mountains and seas.
They were heavily loaded with souvenirs and gifts and dirty washing as they approached the harbour's telling machine to withdraw a magic pass to the bird's back. But the machine gave an ugly look and told them they might not able to board the bird leaving that night as too many people were already travelling on it. However, the benefits they would get in terms of other flights and food and accommodation if they couldn't board that night seemed to satisfy Chikita. She almost wished the bird would be too full and they wouldn't leave that night.

A little blonde fairy in a blue dress took care of them and was ready to give satisfaction to Chikita by letting them take the next day's bird. However, the fairy was called to help people get on an other bird leaving that same night, and Chikita and Chikito were handed to her apprentice fairy colleague who did not understand the instructions.
With a broad smile she handed the magic passes to Chikita and Chikito (without even checking their identity, which is quite amusing when you see how careful they are now in harbours of giant birds with security) and told them they could take the bird leaving that same night.
Chikita's dream of a nice free meal, and more free bird flights was flushed down the drain, but inside she was happy to get home to see their pet tigers.
Chikito on his part was relieved as he had to attend torture the day after the bird arrived, and his torturer would not have been pleased if he had been late by one full day.
The flight was a very quiet one and after a bad sleep on the bird's uncomfortable back they reached destination: the land far far away (from France) where walking slowly is a national sport and eating rice is compulsory.

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