Saturday, October 3, 2009

When Toys Were Simple

We decided to head down to the Mint Museum today, something that has been on our want-to-do list for quite a while now, but we never managed to strike it off because either the weather was not good, or we just preferred to do something else that weekend. So today, we both decided it was a pretty good weather and a good occasion to make that trip to the museum.
Julien was very motivated to take a walk down memory lane also because he had taken his old Minolta film camera along with him and was pretty eager to test it out. We went, we saw, we loved it - it's something not to be missed. Everyone should try it once.

I had taken out the digital camera that day too and was more excited to compare the pictures between that of the Minolta and the digital camera taken from the Mint Museum. Julien was very enthusiastic with the Minolta as you can see at the start of the day. Unfortunately, the "photographer" felt that there was not going to be enough light at the museum to take nice pictures with the Minolta, so I ended taking over on the photography business after.

That's not a party hat he's wearing. We were standing in front of the lift lobby with a huge rocket picture on it, and it was just mere coincidence that Julien picked a spot just where the tip of the rocket would stick out above his head. At least he's happy.

I went snap-snappin away so fast that there are too many pictures to upload at one go. But I've selected a few of my personal favourites.

I've never really played with these toys in my time, but I thought there looked real cute all lined up like this.

Julien took this pic. It's his favourite. Of course I was way too short to have seen it.

Tin Tin is one of my personal favourites. His name's almost like mine. I used to watch tin tin cartoons when I was growing up. I still do!

I learnt from Popeye that eating spinach helps you grow stronger. Even though I didn't know what spinach was then or how it looked like.

Bruce Lee played the role of Kato in the Green Hornet. Did you know?

Cats! A Tardivat favourite!

That machine was tiny!!!

All these were displayed in a frame. They were tiny! About the size of the little green plastic soldiers that boys play with these days.

This car was about the size of a roll of film.

This one was even smaller!

There was this lovely little cafe in in the museum so we thought we'd stop for a drink before heading back. The food there smelled really divine, but we never ordered. Think we'll drop by the next time just to try out the food.

I love the weekends!

I don't know how our day ended this way.... But it DID.

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