Monday, October 12, 2009


I noticed that I love to create things. I'm pretty much a hands on person generally. Even for the wedding. With the help of my cousin, Ying and my sister, Min, we made: the boutonnieres, my march-in bouquet of blood red roses, the bouquet of tulips for the day, as well as the brides maids bouquets of lilies. So on and so forth. Even with food. I love to create new things with food.

My recent muse was scrapbooking. We recently got our wedding pictures from the photographer and since then we have been cracking our heads as to how we want to send out our thank you cards, in what format we want to, and how it should all come together to look like. At first I used the scrapbooking tools to lay out the pictures just to have a feel of how we want our card to look like, but it was such a success that we decided to use that instead! I can't show you our finished thank you card for the moment, you should receive it in your mail in another month or so... since we have yet to go through the guest list again. But I can show you one that I did about Julien.

I loved it so much that I decided to do one for myself too!

I did a page of Julien's childhood pictures too in the end. He's just too cute as a toddler.
Trying to have some fun without my yeti at the moment... He's in Thailand on a business trip at the moment. Whine...

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pakis said...

name's fern... and i'm sorry if i'm being a nuisance, but i tracked your blog all the way from your wedding photos on simply because i'm SMITTEN by the gorgeous cheongsam you were wearing for the wedding shoot.

Would you mind telling me where you got it from? My wedding's at the end of this year, and i've just about decided on a cheongsam as my outfit for the banquet. :) my email's; i would greatly appreciate your help.

At any rate anyway, happy new year to you and your loved ones! :)