Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pick Up Lines

It's the weekend again and all that's on our mind was to PAAAAAAARTY! So we went out and danced the night away at this club in Clarke Quay. The local girls obviously love Julien. They were swarming around him with their latest dance moves. It was funny.

I'd think that at my age, we don't get picked up as often as before. Mainly because we're all grown ups now. One theory stands so far... the boys are still really bad at their pick up lines after centuries of trial and error. This happened while Julien was away getting more drinks.

Guy 1: Are you having fun tonight?
Me: I'm sorry but I'm married.
Guy 1: (Looks thoughtful for a bit and then turns to my friend, Gen) What about you?
Gen: I'm married too.
Guy 1: (Slowly dances away).

Shortly after...

Guy 2: Are you here alone?
Me: No, I came with my husband.
Guy 2: Oh. (Dances away)

Why do they do that? According to Julien, it's because they have to move on with the hunt since they only have limited number of hours to find their prey before the party ends.

Anyway, here are some great pictures our dear friend Yih May took of the evening with Julien's new camera that he was so proud to show off. =)

My good friends Yih May and Gen (She's from China).

Julien mucking around as usual.

Us waiting in "queue" at the ATM before heading off to party.

Gen being all prim and prissy.

We found this very cute postcard. We took one each.

I've been posting quite a bit lately haven't I?!


The Yeti said...

I'm glad Tinker is telling you all this, as I can't remember much of the evening...
I woke up with a bad headache.

gregos1212 said...

salut ma petite biche écossaise

J'espère que vous allez bien et vu le blog, je pense ke oui

merci pour ta carte colloc

Reçois des colloceurs nos meilleurs voeux pour cette année 2009 à toi et ta famille ...
Ca devrait le faire !!!

Ton blog donne envie de venir découvrir cette culture (voir +)
les photos, payages et femmes sont magnifiques !!

je vous fais d'énormes bises

à très bientot


Thomas said...


Have you understood why the Yeti has "preferred the middle picture on the second row" ?
Try to look it up side down (is that the good way to say it...?) and try to focus on the colors...

Cocorico ! French Version
Cock-a-doodle-doo ! English Version
Ake-e-ake-ake ! Thai Version
Co Co Co ! Chinese Version

Hope you'll all find your version.

I wish you both best.

Tinker said...

What a genius! I would never have noticed! You have a good eye for being able to see a picture in another. Not many people know the rooster is the symbol for the French flag though.