Thursday, January 8, 2009

Family Time!!!

If there's one thing I miss having since moving out, it's to have more family time with the Chew Clan household. Not that I'm complaining. Julien has been asking me almost once a week if I want to go visit my parents at their place or if I want to ask my little sister, Rachel (she's 14) out for movies with us. (Isn't he just the sweetest?) Even my second sister makes an effort to participate in these family meals when we do organise them because we see each other a lot lesser than before. And when we meet, we have a ball of a time! Lots of laughing, lots of joking, lots of food.

To be honest, I should not be complaining. I mean, I am after all, here with my family. I can still choose to see them (almost) anytime I want. Each time I think about this, I am in awe of the vastness of Julien's heart. To think that he made a choice to travel more than 10,000km away from his home, family, and friends, to come join me here in Singapore. That makes him a pretty amazing person. I'm sure he misses his family immensely.

Each time he receives an msn call from his family, he's usually always in a better mood after. Michel, Liz, if you're reading this, we're very excited to have you here with us in Feb! I know Julien misses your company (and home cooked meals) so much that he jumped at the opportunity when we were invited to go skiing again in March.

We're highly anticipating your arrival and even though it's only Jan, we're starting to list out some of the more interesting places we could take you to already. I know where we'd like to take both of you for some good Teppanyaki. It's a Japanese concept where the chef cooks your meal in front of you (took Julien there a couple times and he's really impressed). I'm not sure if you get that in France but I haven't seen any when I was there. Even my parents want to take both of you out to dinner. You're like a celebrity couple!!!

All that just to say that Julien's the best in the world (even though he can be such a douchebag sometimes), and that we're happy you're coming in Feb Michel & Liz!

Here's to more family time this 2009!



The Yeti said...
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Anonymous said...

Cheer up dear girl Julien looks very happy to me

Liz & Michel said...

A quich hello from France : this is going to be a short message since I cannot use my right hand (I had my Dupuytren finger operated on Thursday, all is fine, not too painful). So I am currently typing with my left forefinger only... Shift, Ctrl and other keys are a nightmare. Talking about family life, Liz & I are certain that Julien is very happy with you Ting, and we are proud to become soon your "in law's".
Tomorrow Liz will be writing more, and we shall try to have a video chat with you - what about 15 PM french time? Then you will see my beautiful bandage...
With love from Daddy Michel.

Liz said...

I must admit that I am very exited and looking forward to our trip in Feb to see Julien in his new environment with you Ting as he seems very happy and enjoying this new life. I am also looking forward to meeting your family. Tell them not to go over the top as we are not to be treated like VIP but I am sure we will enjoy every minute.
Talik to you later.