Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fri Nite Drag Cabaret @ The 3 Monkeys Cafe

It's Wednesday, the day after the two day holiday in Singapore, there's lots to share about our long weekend of which I will dedicate today to accomplish.

Before I start my list of posts, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR everyone! In Chinese we would say GONG XI FA CAI! Which literally means, when directly translated, "Congratulations, you're rich!".

So, Friday 23 Jan 2009. The evening before the start of the long weekend, and everyone's getting restless at work. We had a tiny celebration in my office with wine and a lucky draw before we called it a day. Julien's colleagues were very chatty in the office as well, so I heard. Everyone's in a good mood. At least I was.

Since we weren't coming back to work for a few days, we had decided to take our friends, Jimme, Yihmay and Gen to the 3 monkey's cafe for the drag cabaret. It would be a good night of fun, entertainment, and a real eye opener. The night proved to be a success! Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures during the show, so I can only do my best to relate what happened in words.

As you all probably already know, Julien and I had been to this show before, so this is Julien's 2nd time, and my 3rd or 4th. I was a little apprehensive since I've seen this show a couple of times at different locations before already. I had quietly hoped that the jokes would not be recycled. That it would be a new experience for it. And it was. What didn't change, though, and I'm glad it didn't, was the cabaret show at the start. It opens with some singing and dancing to build up the atmosphere and lighten up the crowd before the stand up comedy.


Kumar in da house!

I'm not sure if Julien mentioned what happened to him the first time we went. See that "girl" in the first picture on the left? There was a solo performance and she would go round and make merry during the dance. At some point, she stopped where Julien was sitting, and smiled. Julien smiled back of course, being the good sport that he is. Noticing that he's an easy target, she started to stroke his hair. Julien, the award winning drama king, cocked his head back and closed his eyes as if taking in the moment (did I mention with a smile?). Then, without warning, she grabbed Julien's head and suffocated him in her bossom. I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair. Did I mention "she" was wearing lingerie? Hahahahaha!!!

That was Julien's first time at the show.

Second time we went, "she" had recognised Julien straight away because he was the first person she went to. This time, no teasing. She just grabbed his head and shoved it down her bossom. I like her no frills attitude. Jimme our Dutch friend got it twice too only because he had given her the thumbs up sign the first time round. Us girls just started cracking up round the table like a bunch of hyenas.

What A Nite!

We were happy

That was Friday nite. =)


The Yeti said...

And a good Friday night is was...

micheltdt said...

Hello Julien, now I understand why you enjoy so much living in Singapore! But wait 'till your mother reads this post before inviting her to this place... Love to both.