Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Little Man's 1st

I LOVE organizing parties. Any kind of party. Of late, I am doing a lot of birthday parties. Mainly my own kids'. And I enjoy it! We usually have catered food, but there is always THAT dessert table that I like to put together myself.

It gets better and better with experience. Nothing very elaborate. Just simple ideas that I can put together with what time I can find. And with J's encouragement, I decided to share my ideas here. The latest one was H's 1st Birthday. 

For H's theme, I decided on a Moustache theme party. This is actually a dessert cum favour table where guests can pick their own candy and customize their own favour bags. They're usually for kids but the adults were at the candy too. 

I was lucky to find  two different themed free printables but of the same colour scheme. And I used them both for the party. They are the "little man" and "little mister" (search under moustache theme free printables) themes. 

We also made a photo booth using the little mister printables. And put a prop table just beside the booth. Where they could pick their own props for the photos.

Props were mainly various designs of moustaches in a tub, and some stick on smaller moustaches. We also threw in some straw hats. And it was just up to the guests' imaginations how they want to put it all together. 

Get the props here: 
(This photo booth sign is not free anymore. But you could drop me a note and I could email it to you.)

We had so much fun! I made sure I got everyone's picture at the booth for the favour for the adults (dessert table favours were for the kids). But of course they were more than happy to play around and take more! 

While preparing for the party, I realized I had printed quite a bit of moustaches. So I cut out the smaller ones and put them in sachets as stick-on moustaches in each favour bag for the kids. Something they can take home with them. I heard later that even the adults were playing with the stick on moustaches when they got home, WITH their kids.

So what did I do with the pictures of my guests from the photo booth? 

I made a movie, with their pictures in it, and sent it to them privately just after the party. Everyone loved it!!! Everyone had a personalized one with their own pictures in it. :) or if u want something more instant and less tedious, u could just use the pictures from the booth immediately and turn them into  "thank you" digital cards. 

More than anything, I am just glad we all had fun, including the birthday boy. 

It was fun!

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