Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cardboard Play

Do your kids glue themselves to you like there was no tomorrow? Mine do. I started to find it exceedingly hard to cook while they are in the kitchen with me. One would want to see what I was doing. And the other would be climbing into the washing machine, playing with knobs and pulling these knobs off at some point. As I am in the kitchen a lot and they are very intrigued with what I am doing with my magic pot, I thought just for safety's sake, and for my own sanity, it would be best if I could bring the kitchen to them. At least they could damage the fake appliances and I couldn't care less. 

So on one diaper spree, I decided to keep all the cardboard boxes I had and came up with this. 

Of course, each one had their own kitchen stove, oven and washing machine. But they had to share the microwave. Then again I realized they just wanted what the other one was playing with. This was still good though because it kept them busy enough so I can do what I needed to do efficiently and safely. More so with a peace of mind that they are safe in the living room occupied by their own play kitchen and laundry area. 

I think they liked it.

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