Friday, September 14, 2012

And We're Back!


Wow, each time I come back here and trace back when the last post was written, I always catch myself thinking 'where did that time in between go?'. So much has happened between the last two posts, that I can't even begin to start listing everything down. I'm guitly of this, but I'm more updated on Facebook than I am on the blog. It's just faster to load and caption pictures than to write a full story behind the moments. What's more frustrating is that my "writer's inspiration" (if I can even call it that) timing is always off! Sometimes I get nothing and I'm free on a weekend, and other times, my brain is churning out idea after idea and I just need to sit down and write down my thoughts, but I can't because either I am in the middle of an appointment, or travelling to my appointment or waiting for my appointment. Still there are times when I am at the right place and time, and feeling very intensely about a personal event or reflection (i.e. Tom's story), and I sit and write for hours straight without wanting to stop, skipping lunch most times, afraid that if I don't pen this thought/feeling down, it will just fly away as fast as it came to me.

Having said that I have to stop giving myself excuses, and start making time. I was very pleasantly surprised when friends and family of recent have been asking about the blog. =) Heh heh.

Well, as the French saying goes, I'm going to "take my finger out of my nose" and start again.


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