Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Imaginery Speech at Min's "Imaginery" Wedding

Dear Min,

I was starting on a post to write or rather report on the events of your wedding, but then halfway through starting  it, and I did start on quite a bit already, I really wanted to write something more personal (to you). So I deleted everything, and re started. Don't ask me why, it's just one of those emo things I am feeling at the moment, maybe more so on the realisation that you were getting married for real (Heh!), but don't know how to put in words verbally. It's always better when I write. I can take the time to think through it and delete some things I decide I don't want said. Hence this.

I'll never forget this phrase you said once, that cracked me up, yet holds so much truth. You said, "We come from the same womb, yet are so different".

We are so so different in almost every way, even the way we look. Our friends couldn't tell we are sisters. And we used to have great fun telling people we were just friends, getting a huge kick out of it when they believed us. Haha! Crazy teenage years. Having said that, I'm so glad to have spent the most part of my life with you. Sure we squabble like all other sisters do, but there are more funny times that I recall than bad growing up. (I know you're going to read this at some point so I shall not write the embarrassing stuff which are the most funny ones here). From building houses with sofa cushions, to indoor camping, to pillow sliding down the stairs, to running away from ah ma when she's after our heels with the cane, to opening a medicine shop and treating the "wounded" with johnson & johnson cream after being caned by ah ma, to cooking classes with cut bits of coloured paper, to aerobics classes with Richard Simmons on TV, to almost eating cockroach eggs thinking it was chocolate, to rehearsing a singing contest performance to Debbie Gibson or Teresa Teng for mummy and daddy when they got home, to playing hide and seek, and many many many more.We had so much fun and I didn't want it to end.

Then we grew up some more, and became teenagers or "young adults" as we so readily called ourselves. Ha! If only we knew the real responsibilities and that came with being an adult. And the fighting started. We'd fight over everything. Clothes; who wore what without asking who, Telephone; the one using the phone never wanting to hang up, and the one wanting to use the phone checking every 5 mins if the one using the phone has hung up. Actually, come to think of it, we only fought over these two things from what I remember. Nothing else! How boring (and stupid)! But I think it's also during this period of juvenile delinquence that I confided in you the most too. Truly, by far, you are the only person who knows ALL my secrets. Also because I think you were reading my diary then, but that's another story.

We started to date boys, and with some interesting characters at that. "Messiah" worshippers, Magicians whose best performance was the disappearing act, Magicians who appear when you don't want them to, Stalkers, and Dwarfs. Haha. But blame that on our inexperience and ignorance. Through that, we also learn to be wiser and read characters better. Soon after, it was time for us to graduate from college and you had to stay in the hostel at NTU as freshman. I can't remember when we started but we wrote letters to one another frequently. Maybe that's why I started to like writing. It's always easier somehow when I write to someone far away. I feel like I'm talking to you and you're not that far away. Technically, you weren't. You were kind of like a 30min drive away, but still, since you moved out for that year or two, we hardly saw each other. And to be honest, I felt pretty lonely. Given, Rachel was there and she was really helping a lot to keep me occupied and she was really good company, but I couldn't really tell her stuff as much as I wanted to because she was just too young to understand. Writing to you was nice, but by the time you read about my day and some problems I would tell you about in my letters, it would have been 3 days past.

Anyways, fast forward a little more and we're dating seriously, you with your "imaginery" boyfriend that no one saw for the first 3 years, and me with my whirlwind relationship with Julien. Then I got married and moved out. It was a little weird at first since it was truly my first time permanently staying away from you all, yet I consoled myself with the fact that I can always just pop over to mummy and daddy's house at any time and all of you would be there. You know how we used to tease Rachel about her being emo over me getting married? I think I feel a little bit of that when Andy, stopped becoming "imaginery" and finally popped the question. I was really happy for you, since it's about time (11 years!), yet now I know that since you will be staying with Andy, I will still be able to pop by the house anytime I like but not everyone's going to be there. It's going to take more effort of organising more meals together and meeting up more often.
Does this feeling say "I miss you."?

I'm glad you're married to A. You both compliment one another - you're both cheesy. Apart from the wedding itself being a huge success, I'm sure this marriage will be one too.

P.S. I can't wait to see you all this weekend!

P.P.S. Welcome to our qwerky family A. Oh, but you know that already.

He didn't know what he was getting himself into when she said "Yes".

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