Sunday, June 17, 2012

A day in our lives...

What does a day in our lives look like? Friday morning I took the MRT to go to work as I'm meeting friends on the evening and will likely be in no state to ride home. I left Ting sleeping at home her first appointment being at 12. Around 10 I receive this picture from her asking me to guess where she is going.  

I think to myself, this is Friday, her lunch appointment probably cancelled, it's 10am. She's going to McDonald's for breakfast! And I was right... As proven by the photos.

I thought I would share my day with her and send her the photo of my immediate surroundings... Not as funky. 

Ting went on to continue sending me extract of her day. Her morning being free she had time to do some chores that would otherwise have had to wait until Saturday and she went her way to the super market to get our groceries. Super markets are super empty on a Friday morning.

As I was contemplating her shots, a look around informed me of all the exciting stuff I'm surrounded by... 

After she had come back from her shopping she was happy to show me the delicious dinners and breakfasts to be. The fish is so fresh you can almost hear it breathe... 

As pleased as I was to see her pictures of food, I looked around me at that exact moment... Let's say I don't usually share this with anyone but here goes. While she was replenishing the food, I was processing it. 

Ting after her chores needed to freshen up and went for a shower which she did share with me. 

How lucky she was to have a nice warm shower while for me, well, I was back to where I spend most of my days.

The day was carrying on. It was now around 1pm. While someone was perfecting her cleaning up, removing a thick layer of nail polish and even winning a battle against a mosquito.

I was on the phone with a very famous Australian group of hospitals trying to get answers for the agreement I have been negotiating for too long now.

Ting had removed a thin layer of skin to reveal a fresher and younger one below. She gave herself some rest and prepared for her evening meeting. The afternoon one had been cancelled also, not a good day to sell insurance apparently.

I was starving by now, so I wrote up a last email...

... and I went out for lunch. As you can see it was already 2.10pm. I like to have late lunches though for two reasons: 1 the food courts are empty so there is no need to queue for food or a seat, and 2 because the afternoon seems shorter after coming back from lunch. 

Mixed rice with chicken, potatoes, fried fish, the lot drowned in curry gravy...

In the course of the afternoon, I had a rare chance of witnessing the cats' busy schedule meeting friends from overseas. 

While I was still looking into a black box, reading virtual letters informing me of such important matters that I could not hide my excitement at each one received.

Ting's evening appointment was to be preceded with a meeting with her boss. She got ready in her Friday wear and waited for him to pick her up.

Of course you must be used by now to my surroundings which don't shift much. Even less so since I stopped smoking. Here I am looking for a dental clinic in Saigon. 

Ting's boss had finally picked her up. She was on the move... 

As for I, it was time for me to make a move too. A little early but I was still the last person in the office. Ahhh, Fridays. 

Ting sat down for a chat with her boss. 

And I was on the move! I walked through the corridor to the station, 

then down the stairs to the platform, 

I entered the MRT and waited there in the crowd for two stations before reaching Bugis. 

At Bugis station, out by the escalator... I actually had to wait for my friends a short while...

But very soon we were on the move again, direction: Haji Lane.

We walked a short while and saw a welcoming sofa in a zen bar... Our Franco-Korean meeting could begin but not without a nice cold beer...

As I was relaxing from my day, Ting was on the move to her appointment. It's already 7.30pm and she's working.

It's funny how the photos taken during work seem more dull than any others. Ting managed to share a glimpse of her appointment: 

The Franco-Korean meeting was continuing and this is where I stopped taking pictures... So no picture of my route home by MRT again, and bus.

But Ting did remember and sent me the extract of her trip home. Crowded MRT... 

And that was our day... We managed to go to bed not too late which is rare on a Friday night. But only so we could enjoy our weekend more! Our plans for Saturday? Tennis, brunch, cinema... Sunday? Brunch, Tennis, Dinner... 

By the way, this Sunday is Father's day, a little SMS or phone call to dad it always welcome!

Disclaimer: this day is not an example of all our days. It's just one Friday of the month of June 2012...

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Dad said...

This is really fascinating! Such a suspens is difficult to accept for sensitive souls... I can't wait for your next broadcast about Tuesdays, for a change.