Friday, September 24, 2010

Thurday Dinner

With so much leftover food from the bbq, it kind forces one i.e. me, to be more creative with the dinner menus. Because the ingredients are much about the same, it's been really fun to be challenged to not repeat that same dish. So far, I think I am succeeding. We've made lime juice; garlic prawn pasta; a full Asian meal of white rice with dishes of stingray, steamed corn, & chicken wings; and chicken curry noodles. I've been wanting to take pictures of our dinners, just so it would be nice to see how it turned out, and not just read about it. But I keep forgetting. I will try to do so for the next meal.

Since I had already made rice not too long ago, I didn't want to make white rice again, so I initially decided to make white porridge. But to be honest, I've never really made porridge before in my life, so I didn't really know what proportion of rice to water, and how much rice even to have for 2 servings. Embarrassing to admit, because I am Asian and it's a staple in our meal. I tried to google the proportions for porridge, and apparently it was 1 cup of rice to 10 cups of water. I put 2 cups of rice since I usually make 1 cup of rice for 1 serving. That means I need to put in 20 cups of water. No problemo. Only, my tiny rice cooker was filled to the brim by the 11th cup. Where do I put the other 9 cups of water?!?! Okay, you know what, heck. Forget it. I'll just make rice. But I don't want to do white rice again. It's boring.

After some thinking, I made corn rice!!! YUP! Steamed the corn, took out the corn bits from the core and popped it into cooked rice. The result. PERFECT!

We had this with

Tamagoyaki (a type of Japanese omelet, which is made by rolling together several layers of cooked egg.),

Octopus sausages - why? because I cut them up and fried them to look like tiny octopus, and I did put in the sesame seeds for the eyes too. Cheesy I know, but fun. Who said cooking had to be boring? It makes eating normal sausages fun too.

Chicken in bbq sauce.

It was a good dinner, and Julien finished all the rice! The greatest satisfaction when you cook for others is when they finish your food! =) Ahh, all in a day's work in the kitchen.

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