Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Post BBQ

Julien's officially 29!!! Yaaaaay! Pop the party poppers! Bring out the champagne!

The party was a huge success! Everyone turned up to celebrate the Yeti's post birthday! I had packed everything for this party, except the camera, which I had specifically left in a corner on the table in plain sight so I would not forget to take it with me. But I still forgot it. Thank goodness Jimme brought his. Pictures are all compliments of Jimme's camera. Don't know why but this year, Julien received a lot of toys. No kidding. There was even a present wrapped in 'Toys R Us' wrapping. Hilarious!

One thing we took away from this party, was the food. No, I did not over order. What happened was, somehow, people told us that they had been to barbecues before where there's always never enough food to go round. So they ate before they came. Now why they did that, I don't know. But hey, I don't care! It was still a great party. And the Yeti had a good time. What happened to the food? Well, I gave my part time maid, Lucy, a big container of chicken curry, a bag of otah (spicy fish paste grilled over a fire), some chicken wings, a few sambal chilli marinated stingrays, corn, and a big box of bread to go with the curry. She left happy. I also gave some chicken curry, and stingray to my parents too. After all that, I was still left with a box of 20 chicken wings, 20 shrimps, 10 chicken chops, 50 sticks of beef satay, some stingray, some corn, the leftovers of chicken curry, and dessert. In addition, I had accidentally ordered 3 containers of lime. Oh, and did I mention, someone bought us a box of doughnuts that were untouched? Thank goodness we did not have any leftover cake. It was so good everyone finished it. "Cake" this year for Julien was a pear flan, big enough to feed 16-20 people.

So first thing I did when we got home; I made lime juice! It's like lemonade but with lime. That was the end of those 3 containers. Monday evening, we had chicken curry noodles for dinner. Basically, pop some instant noodles in hot water and cook them till al dente. Throw out the seasoning that comes with the noodles, heat left over chicken curry and pour over noodles! It was so simple I made dinner in about 10 mins. Fastest record ever. Tuesday evening, we had white rice, with oven toasted stingray, chicken wings, and corn. Chinese style! With our bowls and chopsticks. I made this meal in about 30 mins. Today, it was garlic prawn pasta drizzled with lemon juice and cheese shavings. So far so good!

I'm not sure if you know, but we'll be moving end of September, so the food will be able to last us for more than a week. I'm really excited about our new place! The building on the outside looks a bit older than the current one we're in, but it's a lot more spacious, and definitely better on the inside of the flat compared to our current flat. I'm Psyched! New place, new ideas, new decorating to do. We're probably going to just buy a few furniture, i.e. cupboard, and bed for the guestroom. Finally! An extra room!

The party ended at about 6am with a really wasted and tired, but happy Yeti.

Happy Post Hatch Day Yeti!

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