Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh Bebe!

'It'll be fun!' so an old friend of mine said. And it was!

My first time at a fashion event, and the dress code was: chic. What's that? I googled chic wear under images, and nothing really interests me. So I decided between a dress or a two piece ensemble. Couldn't decide. Called my friend up and she said to wear what's comfortable for me since she was going to be really casual. The word casual to me, goes hand in hand with slippers or flats. Thank goodness it was a fashion event because there were all sorts of people dressed to different degrees there! Maxi dresses, cocktail dresses, some really casual, many in work wear, some for the event wore their bebe dresses too.

It was a pretty cool set up since there were different stations where you could do a makeover with the make up artists, another where a stylist would do your hair, manicure station, and even a neck and shoulder massage station! Good stuff, but the queue was so long, I decided to just drink and make merry with my friends.

There were many interesting people I saw there though. One being Wykidd Song the designer from Song+Kelly. Love his collections. Just a bit pricey for me. He was wearing a black v-neck t-shirt tucked out over blue jeans that he rolled up to his ankles, and matched that with a pair of black leather lace shoes. Eccentric but somehow he managed to pull it off! And that's what I meant. Everyone was dressed in a way that expresses who they are, and I love it! Another guy I saw wore a green low v-neck t-shirt that heavily exposed his chest, a black vest over his t-shirt, worn out torn jeans, and green sneakers. There were also some weird matches that night like this guy that wore normal work wear, only his shirt had big bold words printed on it. Absolutely awful.

Really interesting.

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