Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're still here!

It truly has been a while since we last wrote. We've both been really busy lately, even on weekends. I've started my french lessons every Saturday at 9am - 12noon now. We've also been looking around for a new home to buy or rent (another story altogether). All in all things are good. Changes are always good. We just need to learn to cope with them at our own pace. Else they start to get to us.

The cats are great. We've since changed their toilet tray to a more advance one with a little hole in the middle that leads right into the toilet so they are getting used to that more and more. Although sometimes we still wake up to accidents. I have to say though, we have very considerate and responsible cats. I realised they only poop outside of their toilets when they feel that their toilet tray's too dirty or smells too dirty rather. And they are starting to poop outside of their tray more and more often now to Julien's demise.

Anyhow, I was telling you how considerate they were. I woke up one morning realising that one of them had already pooped in the toilets in the middle of the night, so it was wreaking of the smell of overnight stale poop which have not been flushed yet, and I am assuming at the point one of the other cats had wanted to poop after too, but since there's already the smell of poop in the toilet area, he thought it was dirty. So this little kitty went to our rubbish bin, which had one empty crushed can of beer from the evening before. Somehow, he managed to topple the bin to it's side, take out that empty can, then take out the plastic bag that we use to line the bin, and poop IN the bag! How great is that?! It's still annoying that they are pooping and peeing outside of their tray but how great are these cats?!

All that to holler that we're still here and we'll still be giving updates about life in Singapore. =)

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