Monday, March 8, 2010


I'm thoroughly amused with my cats at the moment. I'm learning so many things from just observing them, it's amazing!

Ever since Julien came home with their new toys, two toy mice, it's been such a glorious time watching them play. It's amazing how they get all excited by something so simple and making it a game. When I think about it, it's just a toy mice, it's something that cannot move, you put it on the floor, it stays exactly where it is. But Mouse and Panda make their mice come alive. They start sniffing at first since it's something new, and then they stick out one paw and gently nudge it. Before you know it, their throwing that toy mouse around from one paw to another. They pick it up with their two front paws, shake it around a little while their running about on just the two back paws, as if they're showing it who's boss around the house, and then they drop it back down on the ground again (as though the mouse was trying to escape them). And then, get this, they flick that toy mouse away from them just so they can chase it and practice their dramatic pounce. Sometimes, after flicking that mouse a distance away, they would pretend that the mouse had not noticed them, and they start to creep up to it slowly, then they crouch, wiggle their butts a little and then go for the pounce. And they go through this cycle for hours! Lol! It's great how they make a game out of practically nothing! I crack up each time I watch them play.

Panda's such a sweetheart waking me up every morning, I have not had to set an alarm since. His biological clock is just amazing. We put the cats out of the bedroom in the night so we can sleep in peace. But every morning around 8am, Panda starts sitting outside the bedroom door mewing. With an alarm clock it's easy to switch off since we have this snooze function. With Panda, the longer I snooze in, the longer and louder those meows get. So, I'm up and about around 8am everyday simply because Panda will not allow me to go back to my bed in peace until he's fed. So far it's an effective way to cultivate discipline.

They're so adorable that as I'm writing this post, even my part time helper, Lucy, can't help but baby talk with them. Lol.

I've never met two cats who love each other's company that much. They even go to the toilets together. One waits in a corner while the other does his bogg, and then they help cover the pooh up together! I'm really glad that our cats love each other. It brings to the house a sense of harmony when you watch these two boys go about their business. Panda tends to get distracted sometimes and he stops to do something or muck around, then Mouse starts mewing, when he notices Panda's not around. It's great. I'm actually really happy and reliefed that the spca made it so hard for us to adopt a kitten. Had it been easy for us to adopt a cat at the spca, we would never have met Mouse and Panda.

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Chew said...

Lucy baby talks to Princess and Duchess too! :P Post more pics of your babies please???