Sunday, February 21, 2010


So this is a continuation of our story to adopt a cat.

After speaking with the koo-koo english lady from the SPCA, who almost drove me koo koo myself, I came home and decided right then that we're never going back.
It is also interesting to see how Julien and I are so different when faced with the same situation. I'm always more of a go-getter who won't take no for an answer. I try and try and try till I achieve my objective. In this case, it's to adopt a cat. Min had told me that there was this 1 month old kitten at the back of our house. She's seen it a couple of times and it's orange striped with blue eyes. My go getter instincts were screaming "get me a torch and some cat food cos we're goin on a kitten hunt baby!" - and that's exactly what we did. For 2 days I did that (once with Julien, another with min), and found no kitty. Then I found out from the kids who play in that same backyard every evening, that they had seen the kitten (Yay!) and it's really cute (Yay!) but since last week they haven't seen it since (Boo!). Apparently one of the boys splashed water at it, and another pretended to want to kick it. So it probably ran away. Poor kitty!!!

Thinking back on the past 3 days that we were at the SPCA (that's right, I really dislike that woman), Julien had mentioned that it didn't make any sense at all that they were refusing us to adopt a cat, but allowing families with young children to adopt these kittens. At first, I didn't really understand what he meant, but now after hearing this story from the kids about these boys, I now do. Kids can be sweet, but they don't know how to restraint themselves either at times. To them, they're just playing. They don't know if they're hurting the kittens or traumatising them. I went home that evening feeling sorry for the kitty.

Julien's take on all this is different from mine. He came home and turned on his flight simulator for the next 5 hours, while I was planning my next strategy of cat adoption. He says it's better to take our time and find a kitty that we both like. Also, his main reasons for wanting to go back to the SPCA despite everything was because it allowed us to see the cats for ourselves and be able to observe its characteristics better. I was mainly frustrated because all the kitties we liked kept getting adopted by other people while we kept being told that we had to stay home all day to take care of a kitten. So I decided to take Julien's advise and take our time but was pretty firm still on not wanting to go back. I was positive that I would be able to find other ways. Other better ways. I saw some of the cats in the SPCA and they seemed pretty fed up of being locked up in their tiny cages all day. Some of them were just restless, pacing about in their cages and going bonkers really. One cat in particular was clawing at nothing particular. I was just swatting it's claws about and through sheer luck, it somehow realised that there was something else above it's cage, (another cage of course with a HUGE cat), so it went crazy and started trying to reach into the other cage with its claws and started clawing the bottom of the other cat. It was quite a funny sight to watch. That fat cat above the crazy one woke up with a startle wondering what it was that just clawed it's bottom. So I wasn't very comfortable with the cats there after some thought.

I've always believed that things have a funny way of working themselves out. And in this situation, that's exactly what happened.
One evening, I came across a kitten called Tink Tink which I thought was really amusing since it sounded like my name - Ting Ting. So I called up the fosterer and asked if that kitten was still up for adoption. She told me it had already been adopted, but she had other kittens for adoption as well, and asked if I was interested to take a look at their pictures. I said yes, and she sent me two pictures. One of a tuxedo cat, and another of a ginger coloured cat. Both of them were from a litter of 5 that were found in a cardboard box, dumped by the side of a lift. So she took them all in and cared for them while putting them up for adoption. So far three had already been adopted. Only these 2 were left. We called Lilian (that's her name) back to tell her that we would like to see these kittens. Julien and I had already decided on adopting the Ginger coloured kitten if we found it ok when we saw it. We never really anticipated for what really happened in the end.

We met Lilian, saw the cats, liked the Ginger coloured cat that we now call Mouse (he looks a lot like a mouse) and was about to take him home already when we noticed that the other tuxedo cat started to be all quiet and depressed almost like it knew they were going to be separated. My heart just went to bits. So I asked if they're very close to one another. Lilian said yes. They go everywhere together. They really do, even to the toilets! After much brainstorming, we decided to take 2 cats first and try to see if we can cope for a week. If we can't, she'd take back one kitten. In some ways, it was a mistake because it's hard now to take one away. On the other hand, they're both just the sweetest, most well behaved kittens! They do play like any other kittens but they are very manageable so far only because they've both been very sweet. They don't drive you crazy with their mewing, and at night, when we lock them out of the room, they just quietly stay out!

You already know how we named Mouse. With Panda, we started to call him Rex at first, because Julien thought his stubby tail reminded him of a dog, which was funny. Mouse and Rex. The two animals that cats love to run after or run from. But Julien changed his mind after a while, and we named him Panda. Panda and Mouse adore one another. They follow each other around the house, and truly go everywhere together.


Chew said...

they are the sweetest!! when can aunty yingying come over to visit my new furry neice/nephews?? are they both boys?

Chew said...

i just realised - they look like their canine cousins! One black (& white) and one brown!