Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cheongsam Day!!!

Wow!! It's half past midnight and I got home just. Was out shopping the whole day actually - For cheongsams. Well, it was more my mum. I already know what I want. I had previously got material that Julien picked out for me for my cheongsam (Chinese traditional tea ceremony dress) and boy is it really SEXY! Love it love it love it!!! So today I had only one task. To get the material to the lady in the shop and have her take my measurements. I never really measured myself after such a long time. And I'm proud to say I'm still pretty proportionate after having not been able to exercise for the longest time. (Let's just hope I stay this way till after the wedding). I'm really excited!

My mum on the other hand, is still taking it easy. She has thought about what she wants, but she hasn't really started looking for her clothes. So that's what we did today too.. We combed a few areas, namely, Chinatown, Katong Plaza, Katong shopping centre, Katong Mall and International Plaza. Our objective - to scout for either nice gowns or kebayas or cheongsams. The result - I'm just home, and we got nothing.

The good news is we chanced upon this kebaya shop selling Peranakan women wear and what I realised is... it's not easy finding a top that matches the skirt. Every piece is different and unique though and that is what I like about the shop, only it would be easier if they had colours for tops that match their skirts better without making my mum look ill. But it's pretty pricey too. It costs about SGD$ 600 for a full attire. After what seemed like an eternity to me, when in fact only 2-3 hours had passed, we finally settled on a fabric for a top that would go with my mum's skirt. Choosing the skirt was easy. Finding a top that matched it was not. Plus they did not allow us to buy our own material for them to make us a top which I personally thought was odd.

I don't want to spill the beans too much on my cheongsam. I'll keep it a surprise for the time being... until the wedding. =) If you do see it, and like it, let me know, and I'll show u the shop I got it from. There are many other nice outfits available off the rack too.

So just before you leave, why not take a little bit of singapore with you?

After thought: My Yeti is back in Paris for 3 weeks, and I'm missing out on too much fun at the moment.


The Yeti said...

I'm never really far love...

micheltdt said...

Hello Ting, do not worry, his mum and dad are taking care of your Yeti... day and night ! He will soon come back to you in good condition ! With love from both of us.