Tuesday, September 20, 2016

N's Superhero 5th

This is the first time I was asked to do someone else's kid's party. Well, not just someone, more like my own nephew. But still, it's kind of different when you organise something for your own children versus your nephew. Why? Because if anything goes wrong at my own kid's party I couldn't care less.

To start, N wanted a Super Hero party. I started to get cracking. He IS my nephew and I do want to make him happy. We just did a favour table lay out, and photo booth. Sounds simple enough but it took me a month to put this together believe it or not. I'll explain why later. First, here's the finished layout, and I will take you through what I found and put together. Given that I had no pictures of the party room, I think I did quite well just improvising.


Which party can do without a banner? I got this colourful Superhero Logo Banner that went well with the colour scheme from a french mummy blogger. If you're looking for other ideas, you could take a look at what she did. She documented it really well. And she has a lot of great ideas, as well as party printables that she shared on her post. The more primary colours, the better. 

Paper Alphabets

I was initially wanting to decorate the backdrop with a print out of the skyline of a cluster of buildings. Then decided against it. First, it would be such a chore to print. Second, I wanted something more 3D that would pop. So I finally decided to create the skyline myself using cardboard boxes that I had wrapped in white paper and painted some blue and red. As I was searching for what I could use a the back drop, I found this gorgeous but oh so simple Paper Alphabets (thank you world wide web and all you talented people who share your brilliance with people like me!). It is SO simple, yet when done right, can be a real statement piece. Especially if you have the whole alphabet on a wall. It's actually a great decoration idea for the children's room. And you can take it off if you want to change it later on.

Paper Dolls

This is probably where the fun starts (for me). Since I already had the idea of wanting to create the boxes as buildings myself, I thought it would be good if I could put some of the superheroes on it. At first I almost went to the store to buy some action figure toys. But then, I'd just thought I could check if people made paper dolls of such like we used to play as little girls, and I totally got more than what I asked for. paper dolls in 3D!!! YES!!! I get excited about this because I literally jumped in my seat when I found this. This guy's work is AMAZING! Superhero fans of all ages would love this. You could even make them and collect them as some already do. And you know what is SO COOL about these paper dolls? Wait for it.... 

BOOM! Their masks are detachable! Can someone say "WOW!" ??!! But it's not just that. It's also the detail that is involved in these dolls. Each one of these babies took me 3 hours to make. And I made 5; Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Batman.

Iron Man's helmet and chest plate are detachable.
I'd wanted to keep one hero after the party, both as a souvenir and also to remind myself never to do something that crazy every again (alone). Fortunately or unfortunately, the kids loved them so much that they were gone before you could say "SHABAAM!". Of course, because they were kids, some of the paper dolls got crushed. Iron man kept losing his chest plate, and I think I even witnessed someone pulling out Thor's sacred hammer. The horror! Just smile. 3 freaking hours per doll was nothing. Of course this would happen. What was I thinking? - That they would put them high up on their top shelves in their rooms and admire them ever so once in a while? Of course they would fight the heroes like they were made of solid plastic. Just. smile. 
Kidding. I'm glad they had fun none the less. 

Photo Booth Props, Food Labels, and Wrappers

These wonderful labels and props for the photobooth come in a full set here. The larger labels were used to decorate the buildings, and the smaller labels were used as treat wrappers. I have no picture for the props.. Wanna know why? Because they were placed on top of the big white buildings at the photo booth where no one could see them. So no one used them. Note to self, I need to set up a stand next time for the props to be visible. I do that for the previous parties, but for some reason, I just forgot to for this one.

Superhero Logos

The superhero logos  here were stuck on chupa chups lollies. It makes a great presentation. The site where I found these logos, they were used as cupcake toppers. And it was really nice that way too.

Superhero Masks

Every kid loves to play pretend, and it just would not be complete without these superhero masks.  

Favour Bag Posters 

I had initially intended these posters to be the background for the photo booth. But thought they would be better as a favour bag. Simply because they give such a good message.

Invite and Thank You Cards

Of course. Never forget these.


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