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Let It Go! - The Frozen Birthday Party

If you haven't noticed, this Momma's BIG on birthdays. I just love em. It's the day we're celebrating a person's existence! Isn't that just wonderful? I've always loved parties and every kid should have one at least once in their lifetime. It doesn't have to be big or elaborate. Even two can make an awesome memorable party. It's what happens at the party that matters. How the special one is impacted.

Anyway, our first born is 3 today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING! And she came on the wagon a little late for this, but she wanted a Frozen Party. And did we have a Par-tay! I left the decorations on so we can still have fun every other day. Let me walk you through what we did.

To start, when I plan a party, I don't exactly know what I want yet. I just look through the world wide web for inspiration, and as I get ideas, and pictures, I then start to build up what I want to do, how I want things to look, and what activities would be done for the party. Just from what I can find. I've got my plate full each day with just being a mother. So, I work with what I can find and tweak, rather than what I can create.

DECORATE! - Let It Snow.

I love decorating. I think it is important for a party. Helps put you in the theme somewhat. It impacts the people coming so why not go big on it. I found some banners that I mixed and matched a little. This Arendelle castle banner is truly lovely. The colours were great and not the usual blue and white. Also, what's a Frozen party without snow? As I was searching for more banners and such, I saw a simple picture instruction on how to make your own snowflakes. And this gave me the main idea for the decoration.

This was the first thing you would see when you walked through the front door. It was also where the dining table is and where the food would eventually be. So, it was important to make it a focal point of the house. The snowflakes for this were just cut out from normal A4 sized paper.
Photo booth backdrop
I always have a photo booth where my guests can take pictures and have a good memory of the party to take home with them, usually in the form of a thank you card after. The bigger flakes were 50cm-60cm in diameter which I cut out from unwanted architectural blue print paper. The smaller ones were cut out from A4.

This is S's room door, and I wanted her to really feel like royalty for the day, so her room was her very own "castle". I had this same decoration for the front door as well so guests knew which house the party was at. I mixed the F.R.O.Z.E.N. banner (party printable set below) with the earlier Arendelle one.


As this was a cozier party that we were organising this year, it was easier to include activities for 6 kids.

Princess/Reindeer for the day
I found this frozen party printable set that came with crowns, reindeer antlers, olaf mask, snowflake wands, and the F.R.O.Z.E.N. banner and just fell in love with it. Every child that walked through the door, was greeted, and had their crowns and snowflake wands made for the girls,  and the reindeer antlers for the boys. Everyone had their photo taken, and they got to be princesses and Reindeers for the day.

Pin the carrot on Olaf
I do not have any picture for this because I was so busy hosting and cleaning that I had forgotten to take some. We played pin olaf's nose - kids were blindfolded and they had to try to pin the carrot noses on olaf. I mixed two posters I found. I used the cut out of Olaf on the right, and built the snowman with the kids. It was more fun that way and they got to help me put the parts together. Then I used the noses from the poster on the right.

Let's make (fake) snow!
The other activity that the kids absolutely adored, was to make snow with them. This was good sensory play and they made snowmen from the two simple ingredient snow recipe - baking soda and shaving cream. I measured just 1 cup of baking soda per child, and added shaving cream till I got the consistency I wanted. This was great as the kids were engrossed in it while the adults took a break to eat, chat and really relax. I would suggest this only for kids above 2. Toddlers below 2 may not understand and still have the reflex to put things in their mouth. This fake snow is non edible. Supervised would be highly recommended for this activity.


I love brown paper bags. They look rustic and lovely by themselves. And I can decorate them which ever way I like. I found these lovely posters and just printed them in colour and stuck them on the bags. BOOM! Party favour bags. Nothing else to it.

In each favour bag, we included the Anna, Elsa paper crowns, and snowflake wand for the Girls. The boys got an Olaf mask, and Reindeer Antlers crown. Every bag contained a packet of milk with the Frozen characters on it by "Dutchlady" and a bag of fake snow that they play with earlier.
Anna Crown
Elsa Crown

Sven's Antlers

Olaf Mask

Snowflake wands or print them in bigger sizes and just use as pure decoration if you don't want to cut out snowflakes by hand like I did. You get more variety of designs though.
Frozen Themed Milk Packets
Treat Bag Toppers stappled over ziplog bags containing the fake snow they were playing with earlier.

Ahhh the cake. For the first time, we wanted to do something special, or more rather. We thought we could challenge ourselves and bake her a 2-tier cake. And we DID. Took us a whole week, but we did it. So the deal was, my husband who is the avid baker in the family, would bake the cake, and I would decorate it. seemed easy enough for me. At first.

I searched for the easiest ways to decorate a cake and found one where the snowflakes were made of fondant and just punched out from cutters. But I did not buy the fondant in the end because for the amount I was using, I would have had to throw the rest of the tub out which I thought was such a waste. So I thought for a first timer, maybe I could just pipe it using royal icing. It would take just a day. I was SO wrong. But I hadn't known that.

To start, I looked for snowflake patterns. and found some.

Side decorations

Cake topper Decoration (middle)

BECAUSE it was my first time, I had no experience as to how thick I should pipe it or how the consistency of the icing should be. I made about 5-6 bakng trays of snowflakes initially and they all broke while I was trying to take them out after they had set. Not to mention 3 failed attempts at getting the icing right in the first place for piping. After much back breaking trials, I finally got it!


Decorating the Cake!


Always make one. It's only polite.

It's been such a great exprerience and wow, I never knew we could do this, but we did. And that just makes it amazing. We love you to the moon and back S. And for you, we taught ourselves and showed ourselves new things we were able to now do. Thank you darling, and Blessed Birthday angel. This was so much fun.

Thank you for reading. XOXO

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