Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013!

We just spent the last few hours of 2012 and the first wee hours of 2013 with great friends, laughing over great (Indian) food, watching a spectacular fireworks display, and loving every second of it. :)

What's great about 2012 is that it truly has been a very fruitful year for us. I made a little log of significant things that happened to us, and realised that something good happened every single month of that year! It was great just reading through these wonderful things. Everything just sorta came together for us. And 2012 also showed me that we are very much loved and cared for not just by family and our friends, but even our neighbours, literally! Every revelation that I penned down warms my heart.

That having said, the greatest blessing we have for 2012 is our little one!!! Was hard not to blog or say anything about it last 3 months or so, because all I wanted to do was shout it to the world! And now I can! :) Oh joy to the world!

Here's to a better 2013 and an exciting one to look forward to! To more good things coming in 2013!

Cheers everyone and of course, Happy New Year!!!!


Ting & Julien

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