Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 12 12

Today is 12 December 2012. So the date is 12.12.12. A few minutes ago it was even 12:12. This is so great that already 3 people have told me this.
But it lead me to think why are we still using the birth of Jesus as the beginning of our years when it's only one of the main steps in human history.
In my opinion we should all use a date that doesn't take in account the history if a nation, a religion or a any such "local" event which only concerns a small portion of human kind and hence is not universal.
After researching for about 3 minutes (just to tell you that I may be wrong but don't have time to go further into this now) I found out that the most universal revolution since the beginning of mankind common to us all, but essential for us all is the domestication of fire (this can be debated... But not here please).
This happened about 400.000 years ago (source Wikipedia, correct me if it's wrong).
So in my opinion and in order to honour the heritage left by our furthest ancestors, the date of today should be 12 December 400.000.
This could be targeted further by using an astrological event that happened about 400.000 years ago as a proper starting year.
Why am I telling you this? I think it's to show there is no need to worry about today being 12.12.12 and same goes about some mayan calendar which cycle finishes in a few days.

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micheltdt said...

I am waiting for next year: 13/13/13 will probably be an extraordinary day!!!
Meanwhile, I wish you a pleasant New Year's eve. Love from dad.