Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Latest Project!

Presenting our future home! Riverparc@Punggol. *BEAMS*

It comes with some standard facilities like:

50m Lap Pool
BBQ Area
Tennis Court
and a pretty large kids pool

Where it's located:

Riverparc Residence is situated at literally at the furthest end of Punggol, at the eastern-most tip. It faces the Serangoon River (now Reservoir) to the east and the Straits of Johor and Coney Island to the north.

Directly west are 18-storey high-rise HDB blocks. Directly north lies the elevated LRT tracks and a planned school. Directly south is another planned residential area, which according to the URA Masterplan (see below), has the same plot ratio of 3.4 as RiverParc, meaning any high-rise residential block there will go up a similar height as this Executive Condominiums in question.

The Kadaloor LRT is a short walk away, four stops get you to Punggol MRT. There's a mini-mall called Punggol Plaza about 600m away where you can get your daily necessities. Nature-lovers will appreciate the many parks and rivers around the area, especially My Waterway @ Punggol which is about 170m away.

And finally, the floor plan of our new two bedroom apartment!

Getting really excited now! The catch is we have to wait 3 years for it to be built. None the less, we have our own home now!!!!! Yipee!!!!!!!!!!

Late Night at the Museuem

There was the Voyage Night Festival 2011 going on at the Singapore Art Museum, and we decided to head out and participate. Voyage Night Festival 2011 is an evocation of the spirit behind journeys of departures,arrivals,landings; of passages, pilgrimages, inter-marriages encountered in sound,movement and images.

When we arrived, there was already a performance going on in front of the museum, called the Corazon de Angeles in Paradise, by Theater Tol.

As a symbol of universal cultural unity, Corazon de Agneles in Paradise celebrates the inter-cultural wedding of a Groom and Bride from two different cultures. Audiences are invited to partake as witnesses to their union whilst guardian angels, universal to all cultures, watch over them and wish them good tidings.

This performance invokes the history and social development of Singapore’s Civic District that has seen the settlement of immigrants from Asia, Middle East and Europe since the 19th century. Images of old Singapore provide a powerful motif and context to the performance.

In a cinematic journey which combines music, dance, film, acrobatics, live performance and pyrotechnics, Belgian group Theater Tol consisting of sculptors, musicians, dancers and actors, takes the audience through a world of voyages and encounters, fascinating and magical, akin to summer night dreams. (National Museum of Singapore website)

After a very dreamy performance with cranes that suspended the performers in the air as they sang and danced, and threw confetti down at the crowd, we headed into the museum for some more fun!


As we walked through the different exhibitions, we were welcomed by this man into a huge room decorated with train tracks all over the walls and even the ceilings. The artist wanted to do his own video of kids forming train tracks as a competition in this room, but at 2am there were no kids, so we were asked if we wanted to participate. How could we say no?

The two boys who happen to be very competitive started work on the track straight away.

The girls were just creating our own individual tracks at first but then we started to join them all up. And our track started to take shape. One things for sure, and every one agreed on this. We wanted to be the best, and we wanted the highest track!

the centrepiece that we're really proud of!

It was a great ending. Our track was the tallest, and even though it looks fragile, it DID withstand the weight of the trains! SUCCESS! We even left a small stupid present for the creator.. courtesy of a said art director.
OH WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday Dinner Party

When I was in Paris the last time, I took a cook-and-go course and what amazing things we made! Over the weekend, I tried to do a rendition of one of the dishes we made, which was to wrap mozzarella cheese and salmon with pesto sauce (I think) in a really thin baking sheet and pop it in the oven for about 15mins till the wrapping is brown and crispy, and boy did it taste goooooood! So I tried my best to find alternatives over here. I couldn't find that thin baking wrap, so I used spring roll skins as a subsititute. Also, instead of using salmon like we did the last time, I wanted to try it with scallops and shrimp. As for the sauce, they gave us ready made sauce so I kinda just used my own sauce.
I had wanted to do a nice dinner for Julien that evening, so I tried to do rice salad that I had learnt from Thomas at one of the parties we went to together. Thought that would go well with the fried stuff. I pretty much followed Thomas recipe. Couldn't find long grain rice so I used normal Chinese rice, olives and tomatoes. And I added in corn, japanese cucumber (great alternative to zucchini, also known as courgette) and tuna flakes. All this mixed with a generous amount of balsamic dressing, some salt and pepper.

Okay, so there was good news and bad news. Bad news was I had made way too much for two people. And when I tried to deep fry the packages, they all burst out at the bottom. SO they all ended up broken and ugly. The good news, is Jimme and Yihmay called at the right time, and so they popped over to help us with dinner. Turned out I made just enough for four! Also, even though the packages were all broken and didn't look very presentable after having gone through the pan, they retained their taste! And everyone loved it!

Best news was, we finished all the food. Greatest compliment to anyone preparing the food I'd say. Hehehehehe.... What started out as a romantic dinner for two, turned out to be a great dinner party for four, ending with ice cream dessert, compliments from our guests. =)

I'll definitely try something again soon.

Friday Date Night

We try to find an excuse to go on a date once a week. And dating AFTER marriage is more fun!

@ One Altitude, Raffles Place

A must try rooftop bar to visit in Singapore. What an amazing view. It's just too bad it's a little blur.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hello! Yes. It has been a while. I know. And I think I am a bit behind on the stories since we've climbed a mountain, been to Paris, Dieppe, and Scotland from the last post. But anyway, while this is still fresh in my mind, I thought I should just share our latest weekend with you. Our time has never been this compressed with events since the last time we were in Singapore. Friday evening we attended a bbq and stayed up till 4am, and then we had another bbq the next day till 4pm, followed by a wedding that lasted till 11pm and rushed on to another party where the theme was: Nerds. Yeah, you read me right. it was geek night that ended at 7am for us!

Trying to dress like a geek is TOUGH. And it really took a lot of effort to research what a geek looks like and how & why they would come up with a combination of dressing that they do. We went to do a search on google for images, and then tried to look for the right clothes to look the part for the party. And believe it or not we looked for days!!! Just as we were about to give up and just go to the party in our wedding outfits (we were coming from a wedding to this party), we decided to drop by my parent's place and LO AND BEHOLD!!!! A treasure trove of old stuff, mainly from my grandmother's closet.

So we literally went from this:

To this. We were so serious about the outfits because there was going to be a dress up competition and we wanted to WIN. Lol. That was me voting for Julien.

Right so if I may take you on a short brief on what belongs to who...
Julien's nerd look. Top belongs to my dad. An old Hawaiian shirt that's too small for him now and obviously very out of style, hence it's been sitting in the closet for ages. I don't know why it wasn't thrown away but it doesn't matter because it made a perfect costume for Julien.
Next the jeans. Ahhh... the jeans. They belonged to my grandmother. And come to think of it, the fact that she owned a pair of jeans when she was her age back then, does make her pretty hip if you ask me. It went very well with the outdated shirt anyway. A little bit of hair gel and voila, a French nerd is birthed.

As for me, I just got the top from my grandmother too. and I wore her old stockings that reached up to the calves, just above the ankles. Tied up my hair old school like we used to 20 years ago, and slapped on a pair of glasses. Skirt's mine, contrary to what a lot of other people though. My outfit wasn't as funky as Julien's.

It was so warm after a while we had to change out AFTER the winner was announced. I'll get to that later. For now, what was really hilarious, was, as we were about to leave, Julien as usual, sits down to wear his adidas or globe shoes so Jimme and I chat and wait for him to do so...

But then he turns around, and HOLY GUACAMOLE!!! He forgot to bring his normal shoes so he had to wear the business leather shoes home with that outfit... It looked SO funny Jimme couldn't resist. He had to take a picture. And come to think of it, Julien should've just turned up at the party dressed as he was! No need for all that fuss with a costume. He already had one on all along!

The party was great except for one thing. Neither of us won the competition, because it went to the Angry Dutch Nerd from Holland.

By the way, that's Jimme. =p AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
And that was yet another awesome weekend for the Tardivats!!!!