Sunday, August 28, 2011

Late Night at the Museuem

There was the Voyage Night Festival 2011 going on at the Singapore Art Museum, and we decided to head out and participate. Voyage Night Festival 2011 is an evocation of the spirit behind journeys of departures,arrivals,landings; of passages, pilgrimages, inter-marriages encountered in sound,movement and images.

When we arrived, there was already a performance going on in front of the museum, called the Corazon de Angeles in Paradise, by Theater Tol.

As a symbol of universal cultural unity, Corazon de Agneles in Paradise celebrates the inter-cultural wedding of a Groom and Bride from two different cultures. Audiences are invited to partake as witnesses to their union whilst guardian angels, universal to all cultures, watch over them and wish them good tidings.

This performance invokes the history and social development of Singapore’s Civic District that has seen the settlement of immigrants from Asia, Middle East and Europe since the 19th century. Images of old Singapore provide a powerful motif and context to the performance.

In a cinematic journey which combines music, dance, film, acrobatics, live performance and pyrotechnics, Belgian group Theater Tol consisting of sculptors, musicians, dancers and actors, takes the audience through a world of voyages and encounters, fascinating and magical, akin to summer night dreams. (National Museum of Singapore website)

After a very dreamy performance with cranes that suspended the performers in the air as they sang and danced, and threw confetti down at the crowd, we headed into the museum for some more fun!


As we walked through the different exhibitions, we were welcomed by this man into a huge room decorated with train tracks all over the walls and even the ceilings. The artist wanted to do his own video of kids forming train tracks as a competition in this room, but at 2am there were no kids, so we were asked if we wanted to participate. How could we say no?

The two boys who happen to be very competitive started work on the track straight away.

The girls were just creating our own individual tracks at first but then we started to join them all up. And our track started to take shape. One things for sure, and every one agreed on this. We wanted to be the best, and we wanted the highest track!

the centrepiece that we're really proud of!

It was a great ending. Our track was the tallest, and even though it looks fragile, it DID withstand the weight of the trains! SUCCESS! We even left a small stupid present for the creator.. courtesy of a said art director.
OH WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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